The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) By Ace Atkins


You aced it Mr. Atkins! I enjoyed this one the most in the Quinn series. Keep them all coming. Thank you for the entertainment. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) This latest effort by the author is not as intense his previous one. He is rebuilding the corrupt scheming underworld of Tibbehah County after its spectacular crash in the last novel. Johnny Stagg is back along with a few other sleazy characters. The book centers on a teenage girl running from the law after a gruesome murder. Quinn and Lillie are in pursuit but are not the main protagonists. The story moves along well with plenty of action and plot twists. The language, while still vulgar in places, is subdued compared to previous books. I enjoyed the read and look forward to the next challenge that Quinn will face. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) I give this ** as I do when I keep reading in hopes it'll bet better but it doesn't. I've read his other books with this hero and don't remember anything like this. Plot is muddled and unorganized, the action is very slow, and worst of all the cornpone slapstick 'Southern' dialogue is awful, pages full. Maybe it's supposed to be dark satire but it's mostly just obscene. Awful book, I suspect someone else wrote this book. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) Loved the book. Never disappointed. Can’t wait for the next one. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11)

I was sorry I purchased the last one also, to my own like and dislikes I thought maybe just maybe this one would be good, but ,no, so my bad. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) Once you start reading a Quinn Colson/Ace Atkins novel, you cannot put it down. I have read all if the Quinn Colson novels.
I am convinced Ace used a ghost writer for this particular book.
Very predictable and poorly written.
I hope the next Quinn Colson novel will revert to the real author. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) This book is a straight up rip off of the Legend of Billie Jean, a movie from the 80’s. Some of it is blatant: a little brother on the run with her, money is owed, cutting off her hair, getting media attention, teenagers helping her along the way, the friend who helps with her image, even the t shirts being sold. Yes, it adds in a whole lot drama and the evil vertically challenged father and son. The way that Johnny Stagg got involved was confusing and it didn’t seem like even he would unleash those men on anyone.

I have been enjoying these books, and until this one, I thought that the story lines were good, even if some characters are lacking. We could have seen between Jason the father and Jean. Caddy moves to Austin with a hint that her father has something to do either it but no real explanation. Lillie is always on surface as well; it seemed like she loved Quinn but that went away. There were early references to her being a lesbian, again never explored.

The language goes overboard on the colorful side on occasion. I have known law enforcement all my life and I lived in a small town in the south. I have never heard women talk this way about themselves or anyone else. It feels a little surreal and not sure what kind of research the author might have done. But maybe there is such a place in Louisiana?

I am disappointed for the first time in this series, but will probably buy the next book in the series. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) The novels of Ace Atkins read as fast for me as those of Michael Connelly and C.J. Box.

“The Heathens” (number 11 in the Sheriff Quinn Colson series) is no exceptionthe pacing and forward momentum is like an express train.

Teenager TJ Byrd is the prime suspect in the gruesome murder of her mother.

While innocent, she knows no one will believe herso she takes off with her nine year old brother. The chase is onand it is wild.

As usual, Quinn is moving contra flow and is the only one doubting TJ’s guilt.

Also after TJ are US Marshall Lillie Virgil and the real killersmaking life perilous for TJ.

Mayhem ensues.

The usual collection of Tibbehah County, Mississippi suspects are on hand, including the return of the joyfully despicable Johnny Stagg (of the Dixie Mafia) after serving his five year prison term.

It is a wonderful Southern crime tale filled with fascinating characters and populated with an abundance of shitbirds and low lifes.

This is a series is top drawer. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11) Former Ranger Sheriff Colson has his hands full with this one. A suspected teenager and her little brother run away after their mother is brutally killed. The ensuing chase and outcome makes this another Ace Atkins thriller. The characters are people you are familiar with if you have been following this addictive series. The pages fly by as you witness some of the most awful crimes you can imagine. Good News! US Marshall Lillie Virgil is back and she brings usual! The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11)

Sheriff Quinn Colson and his former deputy Lillie Virgil find themselves on opposite sides of a case for the first time after a woman is found dead and three delinquent teens go on the run.

Before he was an Army Ranger who came home to become Tibbehah County Sheriff and take down a corrupt system, Quinn Colson was a kid who got into trouble a lot of it. So when juvenile delinquent TJ Byrd insists that she doesnt know who killed her motheran unreliable addict who has disappearedQuinns inclined to believe her. But no one else does not the town, not the sheriff in a neighboring county, not her mothers older boyfriend, and certainly not Quinns friend and former deputy, U.S. Marshal Lillie Virgil.

The Byrd family has always been trouble, and sixteen year old TJ is known for petty theft, fighting, and general hellraising. Shes also no fool, and when she senses shes about to take the fall for her mothers murder, TJ, her boyfriend, her best friend, and her nine year old brother go on the run. As Lillie Virgil tracks the kids across a trail of burglaries, stolen cars and even a kidnapping, intent on bringing TJ to justice, Quinn sets out to find the truth back in Tibbehah. Someone has gone to a lot of violent trouble to make TJ and her friends the logical target of the investigation. Its easy, and who cares about a bunch of lawless kids?

As the bloody evidence against TJ piles up, Quinn knows someone truly evil is at work here and that puts TJ and her friends in danger than they can imagine. The Heathens (A Quinn Colson Novel Book 11)

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