The Hansel and Gretel Curse (Cursed Fairy Tale, #3) By Margo Ryerkerk

On their 17th birthday Hansel disappears with a mysterious and wicked witch who steals the will power of humans in order to turn them in slaves. Gretel is determined to rescue him and either leave with him or die trying. Stefan's kingdom is currently under an evil force as an evil witch is poisoning the royal family and the country as a whole so he determines to try to bring her to justice. Not an easy task as an enchantment only allows one soldier in to the forest at a time. However it becomes apparent he does not have to fight this battle alone when he meets Gretel who becomes he unlikely partner and ally. Can they overcome all the obstacles and trials as well as untangle the romantic feelings they are developing for each other. Can thy outsmart the witch and free Hansel?

This is a charming spin on the Hansel and Gretel fairy-tale featuring a witch and a slow burn love story. I enjoyed the way the story developed and the relationship development for the characters which ended up being both determined and sweet. Well written it was very enjoyable to read. Margo Ryerkerk I got a ARC review copy of this book from the author

In book 3 of the cursed Fairytale story its about Hansel and Gretel which is a classic story and one of my fav’s.. So i am really looking forward to this story and I have to say the author is doing a good job so far in writing about Fairytale retellings.. This book is packed with awesome characters, action, Dragons and pulls you into the story..

This Fairytale is nothing like the classic because this story has a new twist and it works so well, I could not put the book down.. it’s my fav out of the 3 Fairytale books so far..

wow the cover is amazing and i do love the retellings of Hansel and Gretel books as well as the movies.. Again i would like to say the author has done an awesome job doing retellings of classic story’s..  This book should be a movie because its amazing and i would love to see as a MOVIE..

The relationship between Hansel & Gretel was awesome and it was nice they have adoptive mother to look out for them and keep them safe.. It was nice to read about library’s and to see how much Gretel loved books.. I thought it was kinda kool that Hansel and Gretel both have the same colour of hair and eyes..

aww it was sweet that Hansel wanted to celebrate his birthday with his sister, but she wants to hang out at the library.. Hansel likes to make friends and have a laugh but also would always look out for Gretel..  But Gretel always likes hanging out at the library and reading a lot of books because it makes her happy but she also does care for her brother and will always look out for him and he would for her.. She dislikes the town folk because she thinks that they are not nice people.. So when her brother goes missing on his birthday it makes her sad and she blames her self and goes to find her brother..

aww the bond that Gretel has with her adoptive mother Sabina was so sweet, cute and sad because when she was getting ready to find Hansel it came to a point when Gretel’s adoptive mother had to tell her the real story about her mother and father.. so she needed to know the truth and how they really died if she was going to look for her brother..

My fav characters so far:
⦁ Gretel
⦁ Hansel
⦁ Sabina

Its sad to see that Gretel is now believing her adoptive mother that a witch roswita has her brother after calling at everyone’s door in town.. its sad to read her remembering everything her brother done for her and she feels sad that she was not at the birthday party to keep her brother safe.. she blames her self for her brother being lost.. This part of book made me sad..

I thought it was kool that Gretel went to the queen’s place to see if there is away to save her brother and the queen told her she would help her which i thought was very sweet.. Once Gretel had everything she need then she was to the black frost territory of witch roswita to see there was a village made of sweets with people under the witches spells and before she went into the village she met Stefan the queens guard so they teamed up to help the kingdom and Hansel..

My Fav characters now:
⦁ Gretel (she is amazing, strong and smart)
⦁ Stefan ( he is a good character but he thinks that only he can save everyone but then once he gets to know Gretel, he finds that being a team is better)
⦁ Garnet’s (Dragon)
⦁ Juniper (Dragon)

Once Gretel found her brother it was sad to see the bond between Hansel and Gretel was broken because of the witch.. This book was packed full of plot twists and you see through the book of how Gretel helped everyone in the end.. I did love the friendship between Stefan and Gretel because it was so sweet and cute..

Characters i Don’t like:
⦁ Romy
⦁ Roswita

I loved that there was dragons and they were so cute.. I also loved that Gretel could talk to the dragons and they understood.. Near the end was full of action and amazing ending

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves retellings and Fairytale’s.. There is bits in the story that i don’t like and This book is my favourite so far out of all 3 books.. Margo Ryerkerk Fantastical Fairy Tale With Magic, Cakes & Sweets!!😍🍰🍬🍭

In the Cursed Fairy Tales book #3, we meet the twins Hansel & Gretel 😃 This 'sanitised' tale was always one of my favourites as a child - the thought of a whole house made of cakes & sweets is just about any child's dream, I Of course this cursed tale isn't quite as simple or sweet 😳

Hansel disappears on the night of their 17th Birthday. Gretel, being obsessed with story's, refused to go out with him & his friends to celebrate, as she wanted to lose herself inside the pages of a book 📚 She's wracked with guilt when it comes to light that he left the party with a beautiful, unknown & older woman and that she may be the Wicked Witch of the Black Forest!!😱

Gretel sets out to find him, armed only with a small amount of knowledge about what she may face & her own determination. Just before she enters the Black Forest, she meets a Royal Army General who offers to go with her. Stefan has more experience of what they'll face & agrees to help her try & free her brother!!👍🌲🌲🌲

This book is a slow burn romance, which is so much sweeter than Insta-love 😍 It's a story full of secrets, royal intrigue, wickedness & spite as well as friendships, determination, Love, loyalty & family!!😕👑💖😞
A thoroughly enjoyable book to escape into 😎🍭🍰🍬

Debbie, 1970, UK Margo Ryerkerk The Hansel and Gretel Curse is a totally new take on an old classic written by Margo Ryerkerk. It is never easy to take on an old classic like this one and completely redo it, and make it different and interesting, yet stick to the basic roots of the original. I think the author did a great job, while still making it a book that can be enjoyed by the entire family, adults and children alike, while bringing it up a few notches. Let's face it, kids these days with their computer games and all may find the classics we all grew up with a tad boring, but this version should grab their attention!

The plot is in a way modernized, with bringing dragons to the table. Yes they are not modern by any means, but adding them to the story sure brought a certain flair to the story that wasn't in the original. Also changing it up and making Gretel our heroine sure is very different from the old tale. The pace of the book was fantastic and had a natural flow of how the story played itself out. There are quite a few mysteries and secrets in this story that are slowly unraveled as the story is being told by both of our heroes, Stefan and Gretel.

I really thought this new take on the the well loved classic was very well done and could be very well loved by future generations of adults and children alike. This is probably so far the best one in this series. Margo Ryerkerk I love Margo's writing. This was my favourite novel in the series, and actually might be my favourite novel that she has written.

Gretel is a force to be reckoned with. She is fire, determined, loyal and caring. This novel literally has it all, and took this fairy tale in directions I had no idea it could take me to.

Gretel and Stefan are absolutely the perfect main characters in this novel. They are each on their own mission; but have to work together to hopefully take down the evil witch Roswita.

This story is so much different from the original version of Hansel and Gretel. Honestly, this entire novel is better than the original story. So much action, adventure, heartbreak and DRAGONS!

I seriously hope that Margo continues to keep up with this series. They can be read as stand-alone novels or in reading order. I would suggest reading them all because all three are phenomenal. But also because you see and understand characters from previous books that appear. I just finished this novel and I already want to start re-reading it because it is so deliciously addicting! Thank you Margo for bringing these wonderful fairy tale stories back to new life with your words. Also the covers are all completely gorgeous and I need them for my bookshelves. Margo Ryerkerk


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A vicious witch.
A dark curse.
A lost kingdom.

After a mysterious woman comes to Gretel’s village, her brother Hansel disappears without a trace. Gretel soon discovers that the traveling beauty wasn’t just any woman, but a wicked witch who steals willpowers, transforming humans into slaves.

Determined to rescue Hansel, Gretel ventures into the lair of the witch, the Black Forest, swearing she’ll either leave with her brother or die trying.

An evil force has befallen General Stefan’s kingdom. The evil witch of the Black Forest is poisoning the royal family and the whole country. She must be brought to justice.

Cloaked in spells, the witch’s forest has consumed countless soldiers and only permits one solider to enter at a time. Unable to bring his army, Stefan must fight this battle alone. Or so he thinks until he meets Gretel. The willful redhead is an unlikely partner and his only ally.

Together, Stefan and Gretel must overcome countless obstacles and trials as well as untangle their terrifying romantic feelings for each other.

Will Stefan and Gretel find a way to outsmart the witch or will they lose their lives and everything they care about? The Hansel and Gretel Curse (Cursed Fairy Tale, #3)

This isn’t your grandmas fairytale and I love it for that!

It’s been a long while since I thought of Hansel and Gretel and to be honest, I’m sure the version I heard wasn’t like this. But I think Margo improved on what I heard!

The heroine has a very “Belle” feel that I identify with and the hero is dashing and noble but does not outshine Gretel, which I love.


The writing is spot on, with good editing and pacing.

A wonderful tale for those looking for something slightly different. Margo Ryerkerk The Hansel and Gretel Curse by Margo Ryerkerk is a wonderful story to read. This is book number three in this wonderful series. This story is a wonderful retelling of Hansel and Gretel and I highly recommend this to everyone who loves reading about retelling of childrens stories in a different veiw point.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Margo Ryerkerk Twins, Gretel and Hansel are living a fun, calm life with their guardian, Sabina. However, the twins have a birthday and Hansel does not return from a night of fun. Even with his carefree attitude Gretel knows this is uncharacteristic of her brother, she can feel something is wrong.

Hansel was taken by, Roswita, the evil witch that taints peoples minds with candy. Gretel meets a man trying to fit in with the “candy crew”, his name is Stephan. Gretel and Stephan take on the Queen and there are twist and turns that make you stay up way to late trying to find out the ending!

A great twist on Hansel and Gretel.
Margo Ryerkerk On the night of their seventeenth birthday Hansel wanted Gretel to go out with him to meet friends to celebrate their birthday but Gretel is not in the mood she had rather stay home and read.

Hansel goes off to the party without Gretel. When he doesn’t return home Gretel learns that he left the party with an older woman. She later learns that the woman who took him was the witch who lives in the Back Forest. This wicked witch lives in a house made out of all sorts of sweets. This wicked witch steals people’s willpower and turns them into slaves.

To save her brother Gretel must enter the Black Forest and go to the witch’s liar. In order to save her brother she must not succumb to the wicked witches mind control technics. Can Gretel infiltrate the witch’s lair and pretend to be under the wicked witch’s control? Can she save her brother? Can she make it out alive?

Upon entering the Black Forest Gretel meets one of the Queens Generals Stefan. The royal family is in trouble. Stefan is determined to save them from the wicked witch in the Black Forest. Stefan will have to save the royal family on his own as only one soldier is allowed to enter the Black Forest at a time. So Stefan and Gretel decide to work together to take down the wicked witch and save the royal family and Hansel.

It will take many trials and temptations before their journey is through. Can they resist temptation long enough to do what they came to do? Can they save Hansel or will they succumb to temptation?

The Hansel and Gretel Cruse was a fast paced and enthralling read that kept me hooked from the first page pulling me in with all of its magical twists and temptations I couldn’t get enough of its sweet magical world. I can’t wait to read more in the Cursed Fairy Tale world.

The Hansel and Gretel Cruse can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend picking up a copy of the first two books in the Cursed Fairy Tale world, The Nutcracker and The Bluebeard Curse. Both are very fast paced and enjoyable magical reads filled with lots of suspense and mystery.
Margo Ryerkerk This is my most favourite book from Margo Ryerkerk. I have read all her books but this one suprised me and made it impossible to put down.

A contract, twins, dragons, a witch and connections. YOU WILL not be able to remember the original Hansel and gretel when you have read this amazing and action packed book. When you read this book then beware to feel to excitement, the fear, the love and the trust bonding because it is really intens.

I loved it from the first word till the ends and can not wait to read more of the cursed fairy tale series. Margo Ryerkerk