The Great Martian War: Breakthrough By Scott Washburn

review The Great Martian War: Breakthrough


The Battle for Earth continues! The merciless invaders from the Red Planet have entrenched themselves all over the world, but President Theodore Roosevelt and the men of the US Army and Navy are focused on the aliens threatening the American heartland. As forces are rushed to meet the invader, science and industry race to build the weapons needed to match the fantastic machines of the aliens. But not all is well with the Martians as they struggle to adapt to a new world. The lines are drawn as each side prepares for what they hope will be the decisive battle. This is the second book in the first trilogy of The Great Martian War. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough

The ebb and flow of the martian blitzkrieg continues. Cowboys verses Indians except this time the martians are the visiting team. The battles are well imagined and inventive. I look forward to the next book in the series. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough Great Pulp Reading

It’s a fun series that delivers well. Great characters, strong action and enough action to keep you up reading. I read all three back to back and would read more. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough The sequel to The Great Martian War: Invasion, is just as riveting as the first. It features a delightful cast of characters, both historical and fictional as America attempts to hold their ground against a technologically superior, but numerically inferior foe. But the Martians have their own problem. While advanced in many ways, they have their own issues with working together for their common good. Offering a great contrast of perspectives. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough A great squeal! Great battle scenes and great pace! Liking all the historical people being in the story. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough This is a good sequel which brings the reader/listener into a tense battle for survival of the species. My rating 4.25.

I enjoyed coming back to these characters. The conflict continues between the Martians and the 1909-10 version of the US forces under the commander in chief, Theodore Roosevelt.

The Americans are improving their technology, but it is still not enough. They may have a few successful encounters but the battles are still being controlled by the Martians. The Martians target the transport systems (railroads) in order to limit the tanks and other equipment that the humans can bring to the fight.

The story follows the primary characters from book one, both US and Martian. Andrew Comstock has been promoted and is still working in the ordinance department to help develop improved weapons that can increase the American chances in the war. He travels from D.C. to Niagara Falls to observe Tesla testing the Martian lasers. Then he travels to Santa Fe where he is commanded to head a force in the field.

The young farm girl who survived the battle in book one has become a nurse who longs to fight the Martians up close and personal. She is very close to the front lines and involved in caring for physical and mental injuries inflicted upon prisoners who are rescued from the Martian home hold.

Qetjnegartis is a Martian warrior in the home hold who is fighting for his race. He has a “bud” (an infant) whom he is training as one of the replacement corps. The Martians have their own reasoned strategy as they fight for survival and, sadly and frighteningly, elimination of the human population.

Mr. Washburn writes a convincing and engaging plot. He has developed likeable characters, US and Martians. The story has good action and interesting social growth and interaction. I recommend this to fans of the original story (War of the Worlds) and those who enjoy engaging sci fi. I look forward to more in the series.

Audio Notes: Ray Greenley does a wonderful job with the narration. He provides strong, distinct voices and carries the action forward. The narration enhances the story for me.

I received this Audiobook from the narrator. The Great Martian War: Breakthrough