The Girl Who Started the War to End All Wars, Part 3 By Rachelle McCalla

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On June 28, 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie Chotek, triggered the deadliest war the world had ever known. While historians have long analyzed the events that led to disaster, few realize humanity only narrowly escaped a far deadlier fate.

The year is 2173. The fallout of nuclear war has rendered Earth uninhabitable, save for a few isolated biodomes where humanity lingers in ever-dwindling numbers. Torin Driscoll has been chosen to travel back in time to fill the deathbed of a young Sophie Chotek. Torin’s only qualification is that she looks just like the dead girl she’s replacing. Her mission is to change history and save the world.

Torin’s brother Taggart will be traveling with her, commissioned by their dying mother to keep his sister safe. After training in the arms and arts that will help them on their mission, the pair make the journey only to discover the past and the future are not a disparate as they have been led to believe. The past is fraught with political conspiracies. Future armies vow to continue the fight that brought humanity to its deathbed. And the history they’ve been taught is changing with every move they make.

The Girl Who Started the War to End All Wars, Book One, Part Three is part dystopian time travel, part steampunk adventure, part alternate history that morphs into factual history as the characters change the events of recorded time.

This is the third part of three. Please read the previous two parts before attempting to read this part. The Girl Who Started the War to End All Wars, Part 3

Aaaaaaaaand my favorite character is dead. He was given a magnificent death, but AUGH feels.
That climax had my heart pounding and I like that she set up a sequel series, as there are still some questions as to Alistair's place and how young Beck will fit into the picture (though I usually get annoyed with time travel series when they do this sort of thing). Hopefully that will not be the case this time around.

I really enjoyed this series though and look forward to the next installments.
Btw. Franz is soooo adorable. I can't even. Kindle Edition