The Fourth K By Mario Puzo

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I don't know, I felt this book was ominous and contained tons of foreboding about things to come and the scary thing is, some of them did. Not sure how I feel about this one. 9780345476739 Excellent fiction that is not entirely unlikely to become reality. Within the great plot he placed the greatest fears of contemporary mankind and blows all that away by a single man's chance. 9780345476739
Turns out that Mario Puzo (God rest his soul) could write about American political families (in this case, a fictitious member of the Kennedy dynasty) every bit as well as he could write about Mafia families, which is to say, very well indeed. This book kept the pages turning, with nary a dull moment, and many insightful quotes about Washington politics.


--p. 8: America had only intellectual revolutionaries who fainted at the sight of blood. Who exploded their bombs in empty buildings after warning people to leave; um, apparently this Romeo character never heard of the Weather Underground, the SDS, or the SLA.

--p. 10: Romeo, a true ascetic, could live in shit.

Aahh, looks like Yabril is a champagne socialist. Or at least a Bon Vivant revolutionary.

--p. 18: Hmmm, wouldn't the U.S. Secret Service have a serious problem with this campus assassination game??

--p. 20: Ah, okay, that answers my previous question from p. 18.

Hey, a dirty bomb (even if the term may not actually have been used by the author or been in vogue at the time of writing)...

--p. 27: 'Our army is fifty percent under quota, we've educated our kids so well they're too smart to be patriotic.' Meh, overeducated fools.

--pp. 27-29: Wow, a whole Presidential brain trust of limousine liberals.

--p. 32: Aahh, smoking a Cuban cigar, just like his famous Presidential Uncle Jack, bravo!

--p. 34: And the Pope was certainly a symbol of capitalism; obviously with Pope Francis, life no longer imitates art!

--p. 47: The conservative Republican press.... What, all two or three of them?

--p. 63: 'Wives can be dangerous to men with real ambition, children are the very breeding grounds of tragedy.' Ouch!!

--p. 69: The Oracle had never used bad language until he was ninety, so now he used it an innocently as a child. Haha.

--p. 70: 'A man without a vice? A sailing ship without a sail. Yep, especially for a Kennedy!!

--p. 79: America was a land of lawyers who were as fearsome as the Knights of the Round Table. Classic.

--p. 138: The rich in America, without a doubt, are more socially conscious than the rich in any other country of the world.

--p. 139: the Socrates Club; inspired by the real-life Bohemian Grove by any chance?

--p. 162: She would be another Modred. Or another Morgan LeFay perhaps?

--p. 172: Haha, incestuous social environment of Capitol Hill, haha!

--p. 198: protestations of goodwill and affection that were political good manners long before the murder of Julius Caesar.

The marvelous thing about being a successful politician was that old age could be as happy as your youth. Even when you became a doddering old man, your brain floating away in a flood of senile cells, everyone still respected you, listened to you, kissed your ass.

--p. 215: The media were sanctified criminals who robbed institutions and private citizens of their good name. Yeah, pretty much.

--p. 224: It was the magical speaking voice with the music of the great Irish poets. Erin Go Bragh, laddie.

--p. 234: 'Fucking New York,' he said. 'I hope all the cabdrivers got killed.' Haha, ouch!!

--p. 264: Ten-Mile Mormon, haha. 9780345476739 The characters are intelligently brought to life. The series of events were not dull at all although it takes you to many circumstances in the book. It's a good read if you really have the time not to miss any happenings and if you remember the numerous characters. I'd vote for this to be a movie. 9780345476739 This book is nowhere near as good as the Godfather, but it is the epitome of Puzo. He may be famous for dealing with Italian Americans/mafia/etc, but those are just familiar back drops for him to use while he writes about power and manipulation. This is the ultimate story of power. You think Michael Corleone knew how to get things done, just wait until the POTUS gets fed up with terrorists (due largely to an accumulation of tragedy in his life) and decides to go all 'murica on everyone's ass.

This book is awesome. Casually starts out with the assassination of the Pope and only gets crazier from there. Puzo throws in kidnapping the presidents daughter, hiding an atomic bomb in NYC, destroying middle eastern oil producing cities/countries, and the US teetering on the edge of becoming a dictatorship. The story follows the white house, congress, and a group of the most powerful men in America while they do everything in their power to accomplish what they think is best for the country (LOL, no politician cares about anything other than him/herself). 9780345476739


Mario Puzo can magically weave a collection of short stories into one complete journey of conspiracy and politics. A plot enriched with subplots that enhances the main story and build to an exciting and stisfying climax. Enough said 9780345476739 Love this book. One of my favorites. Puzo's writing style - incredible. 9780345476739 A nice little political thriller exploring the morals and conviction of those who suppose to rule. Done with the same great prose and writing style of Puzo’s Mafia stories. 9780345476739 تخصص جناب آقای استاد ماریو پوزو در نوشتن رمان هایی با ریشه های ایتالیایی ( ترجیحا جنوب آن ) و روابط مافیایی و گانگستری با تکیه بر بنیان خانواده و اهمیت آن و البته ضرب المثل های ناب ایتالیایی ایست . در حقیقت مجموعه این عوامل باعث غنای رمان های استاد شده و در هریک از آنها نکاتی برای یادگرفتن و لذت بردن وجود دارد .

اما در کتاب کندی چهارم استاد به صورت کامل از ریشه و تبار ایتالیایی خود دورشده ، کتاب چیزی در مایه های فیلم نامه های اکشن هالیوود یا کتاب های دن براون هستش . نه شخصیت ها درست ساخته شده اند ، نه دلایل کارهای آنها معلوم است ! یک سری شخصیت در دولت آمریکا جمع شده اند که آماده انجام هر شری را دارند ، بدون این که خواننده متوجه شود که این ریشه های شر در آنها به کجا باز می گردد . رئیس جمهوری که استاد ترسیم کرده به قدری شرور و مخوف است که هیولایی مانند ترامپ در برابر آن شوخی به نظر می رسد .

. به هر روی در شرایط سخت روزهای کنونی این کتاب فاقد هرگونه اثرگذاری لازم است و خواننده فقط لحظه شماری می کند تا خواندن آن تمام شود 9780345476739 What a mess. Extremely weak writing, a profusion of superfluous ancillary characters, and every plot device ever known to writers of political thrillers thrown in: terrorism both foreign and domestic, hijacking, hostage-taking, murder, the Pope, assassination, presidential impeachment, martial law, retaliatory bombing of an oil-rich Persian gulf nation, a nuclear bomb, a secret cabal of billionaire industrialists.

On top of this deranged layer cake are squeezed an aspiring Hollywood screenwriter, a sexually humiliated female movie producer, a president who wants universal healthcare and strong regulation of industry but also work camps for criminals in Alaska, Mormon angel pants. Martial law is declared but then never again mentioned. Puzo writes about impeachment as if by itself it removes a President; it doesn't. Impeachment is done by the House and must be followed by a Senate vote which either convicts or acquits. The Fourth K seems to be written by a computer program randomly auto-generating plotlines, or else someone with a terrible case of ADHD. 9780345476739

A PRESIDENTIAL DYNASTY. AN ARAB TERRORIST ATTACK. DEMOCRACY UNDER SIEGE. Mario Puzo envisioned it all in his eerily prescient 1991 novel, The Fourth K.

President Francis Xavier Kennedy is elected to office, in large part, thanks to the legacy of his forebears– good looks, privilege, wealth–and is the very embodiment of youthful optimism. Too soon, however, he is beaten down by the political process and, disabused of his ideals, he becomes a leader totally unlike what he has been before.

When his daughter becomes a pawn in a brutal terrorist plot, Kennedy, who has obsessively kept alive the memory of his uncles’ assassinations, activates all his power to retaliate in a series of violent measures. As the explosive events unfold, the world and those closest to him look on with both awe and horror. The Fourth K