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Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colson attempts to root out small town corruption in this gritty crime thriller in Ace Atkins acclaimed New York Times bestselling series.

Thirty six years ago, a nameless black man wandered into Jericho, Mississippi, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a pair of paratrooper boots. Less than two days later, he was accused of rape and murder, hunted down by a self appointed posse, and lynched.

Now evidence has surfaced of his innocence, and county sheriff Quinn Colson sets out not only to identify the strangers remains, but to charge those responsible for the lynching. As he starts to uncover old lies and dirty secrets, though, he runs up against fierce opposition from those with the most to loseand they can play dirty themselves.

Soon Colson will find himself accused of terrible crimes, and the worst part is, the accusations just might stick. As the two investigations come to a head, it is anybodys guess who will prevailor even come out of it alive. Comprar para otros

Been a fan of Atkins since a friend recommended the first Quinn Colson novel The Ranger. I've also been hugely impressed and royally entertained by his continuation of the Robert B Parker 'Spenser' series.Unlike one of my fellow reviewers, I felt that with The Forsaken Atkins has finally hit his stride and to my mind this is the best Colson story so far. There's a fluidity to his writing that few authors are able to match and most of it is contained within his dialogue which rings true and never appears forced. That's probably one of the reasons why he has been so successful with the Spenser novels.Looking forward to the next Colson book Redeemers. I'm also wondering if there's a chance we'll see the character on the small screen as it strikes me the books are a combination of the excellent show Justified (its final season has now ended) and the terrific though brutally violent Banshee.Here's hoping Versión Kindle, Tapa dura, Tapa blanda, Reproductor de audio digital precargado I have read all of Ace Atkins four books about Sheriff Quin Colson and his first three were outstanding. I was looking forward to a similar book but unfortunately The Forsaken does not live up to the standard of the previous ones.The Book starts of just days after the previous one ended and unless you read it quite recently it takes some time to get back into the ongoing story. But having started there the book moves on to a quite different story about an almost 40 years old murder case and the initial problems take a back seat.Ace Atkins is doing a great job of presenting the characters we are meeting and the environment they are working in but the story itself is very slow and you start to wonder if his aim is to focus on the daily life of Quinn Colson instead of trying to move the story forward. The Story is also written from a number of different perspectives and it slows the book down as well as it is not really adding anything important to the book.The Ending is really the weakest part of it all. There is a big shot out but it is told in such a way that when the book ends you are still wondering what really took place.This book is possibly a in between story to take us to something better and interesting but for Ace Atkins, who have set a very high standard, it is not one of his best. Versión Kindle, Tapa dura, Tapa blanda, Reproductor de audio digital precargado The Forsaken is Atkins’ fourth Quinn Colson book and is possibly the strongest in a series that just keeps getting better. The “old case” plot enables the author to examine Quinn Colson’s relationship with his father, who is involved in the case. In this book Atkins has gotten under the skin of his lead character than any in the series since the debut The Ranger. The subject matter concerning the rape of a young teenager and the racist attitudes that prevailed in the 1970s is scrutinised through a 21st century lens, but Colson finds that old prejudices die hard. The emphasis on modern day themes of corruption, greed and power provide an interesting contrast showing the human condition dictates there will always be moral battles to fight.The book is well paced and the dialogue is witty and tough. There is less action here than in the earlier books, but this gives the characters room to breathe with Atkins allowing time for each major protagonist. The finale is a slight disappointment in that it does not fully resolve all the issues presented, but with books to follow Atkins is asking readers to invest in his world and it is certainly one worth revisiting. Versión Kindle, Tapa dura, Tapa blanda, Reproductor de audio digital precargado My second Quinn book.not my last!!. Very good characters and story line.Better than recent Reacher books.Loved it. Bought the nnext one. Versión Kindle, Tapa dura, Tapa blanda, Reproductor de audio digital precargado Sheriff Quinn Colson is a law officer in the stoic Western lawman mode of Eastwood and Cooper, doing battle with contemporary outlaws and political corruption.Recognisable tropes and characters are refreshed and the plots barrel along wonderfully.This entry isn't even my favourite but I still rate it very highly. Versión Kindle, Tapa dura, Tapa blanda, Reproductor de audio digital precargado


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