The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel By L.T. Ryan

This was another excellent book by this writer. It should now be the first in the series. I have all other books in this series The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel Having read all the other Jack Noble novels, it was interesting to find out how it all began. If you haven’t read any yet, I really suggest you start with The First Deception before moving onto Noble Beginnings. As ever, Lee Ryan includes so many twists and turns in his adventures, you can never be sure how they’re going to end until pretty much the last page! The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel Sorry this may be a bit critical but the first part of the book had to be compared to vince flynns mitch rapp/ American assassin. The training part, now that's out of the way I can honestly say the way the two leads kept moving between 'alpha alpha and alpha beta' was refreshing rather than the usual boss and stooge. Following on from 'the recruit' it is an engaging read. ( yes Lee, I liked that one too!) How other books will follow, we'll have to hope the author can write fast! The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel Another “don’t lay me down “ book and another fast moving plot with a twist round every corner and an unexpected end. Had me fooled ! Good to find out how Jack Noble and Bear got together in the first place in this prequel, especially if you are a reader of the later books. Highly recommended as always The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel

USA Today Bestselling Author L.T. Ryan's Jack Noble series travels back to the beginning in this suspenseful thriller as Noble and Bear are tossed into the CIA sponsored program that allows them to live as ghosts with no rules other than to get the job done by any means.

After completing training, they are sent overseas to recover an operative being held and tortured by terrorists in Aleppo, Syria. Saving the woman is not without risks, as the young team learns first hand.

It isn't long before their assumptions of who is on their side, and who is working against them are turned upside down. As Noble and Bear close in on the agent, they uncover an enemy that hits far closer to home than they ever imagined.

Filled with pulse pounding action, intrigue, and suspense, The First Deception takes you on an international thrill ride that leaves you begging for.

Thriller fans who enjoy Lee Child, Vince Flynn, Nelson DeMille, WEB Griffin, and Brad Thor love Jack Noble.

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The First Deception is the first prequel to the twelve book Jack Noble thriller series. In addition, a two series spin off books are available. The series has earned thousands of five star reviews, and has been downloaded over two million times to Kindles around the world.

If you enjoy gripping thrillers loaded with suspense, action, twists & turns, Jack Noble is for you!

USA Today Bestsellers' list (May 25, 2017 USA Today) The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel

A delightful look back in time to the beginning of partners Jack Noble and Riley Logan (Bear ❤️)!! How hard is it to write 14 or so books about these characters at the top of their game, and then write about them as newbies, stumbling, bumbling, but arrogant young recruits? Cannot be easy! It is done brilliantly, though, by Author L.T. Ryan, I believe! So, even if you haven’t read any Jack and Bear books, this is as good a place as any to start. If you are a connoisseur of the Noble books, you will want to read “The First Deception” and you will be totally engrossed.

When Jack and Bear first meet in a new training program, both barely out of boot camp, they don’t like each other. Over 10 weeks of intense tortureoops, I mean training, they are the only two to make it through the program. Their first couple of missions bond them together as a investigative/killing team. Paranoia keeps them from making too many mistakes, but they are tested to their limits, from Turkey to Eastern Europe. An exciting, suspenseful, and tantalizing spy novel!! The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel I have read and enjoyed every book in the Jack Noble series, The First Deception, is no exception. After Jack and Bear's former missions and level of expertise, it was difficult for me to look back at the rookies and to take a step backwards, so to speak. They were dire enemies during USMC boot camp and were prematurely pulled from the Corps before graduation to participate in a special ten week training program for a clandestine organization. It didn't take them long to become fast friends and learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses in the weeks leading up to their successful completion of training.

Their first mission required that they assassinate a US government official and then evade and escape via plans their superiors had arranged. However, it turns out they were set up by their trainer and had to figure it out for themselves. Their failure would result in life sentences for murder if caught and the agency could not help them. They eventually escaped and returned to the training center for answers, here, the trainer tells them that the mission was a final exam and that they both passed, but now, their trust in their superiors was debatable.

Their real first mission required them to travel to Turkey and Hungary to locate and free a high level agent who was captured ten days earlier. From that point on, the story evolves into one hell of a tale with many twists and turns, dead ends, double crossing agents and dead agents turning up along the way. This story is riveting with edge of your seat suspense. Jack and Bear can trust no one or find any support along the way. They were on their own and evidently set up for failure Individuals were expecting them to fall like many of the other agents they've encountered so far. For Newbies, they exceeded everyone's expectations, and what they stumbled upon at the end was a jaw dropping discovery for everybody.

Well done, Mr. Ryan. Looking forward to your next installment in the coming months.

John Podlaski, author
Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel and When Can I Stop Running? The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel This book sounds like it could have been written by Vince Flynn in his later days. In fact, it reads like a variation on Flynn's prequel in which he tells of his own hero's (Mitch Rapp's) journey from trainee to operational secret agent.

In 'The First Deception', we meet the two main characters as they endure grueling training to go from Marine Corps boots to professional assassins and operators. Their selection seems a little improbable, and their training, though intense, seems a little short for the occupation they are thrown into. But they survive despite the best efforts of their instructors to wash them out, and are instantly thrown into a real world mission. It seems like a stretch to believe that the whole CIA has no operators qualified for this mission than these two newbies, but they get the job done, and the book ends abruptly. Presumably the story carries on in the next book, which was originally the first in the long series.

This is not top shelf secret agent stuff like Daniel Silva, or even like Vince Flynn's earlier works (Flynn seemed a little thin and strained toward the end). But for mass produced material it is readable and not too over the top like certain other writers out there. I imagine I will read some of his books in the near future.

A word of warning: run on sentences abound in this book. This grammatical error can be successfully employed to make a point or to heighten suspense, but when used as a main writing style it becomes tedious. To paraphrase English poet Samuel Coleridge: Commas, commas everywhere, and not a conjunction in sight.

Anyway, not bad. It's worth three or four days of your time. The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel I felt this book was written by a child,nothing believable in it.Too disjointed ,don't know how anyone gave it five stars.I doubled my initial rating and gave it two. The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel Once in a great while, an author creates a fabulously brilliant character that resonates with readers. L.T. Ryan has captured such a personality in Jack Noble. The Noble Series is breathtakingly intriguing, and I always wait impatiently for the next treat. With Riley Logan (Bear) at his side, Noble can out think and out maneuver the evil he is tasked to remove. But, many times, the “evil” in question… is disguised. Jack Noble navigates the secret world with deadly precision and always with a moral compass.
The First Deception is a prequel. It takes the reader back to the beginning of the trust and friendship of Jack and Bear. I highly recommend that you follow Noble and Logan as they learn the guile, the physical skills, and a healthy mistrust of the CIA underworld that will keep them alive for the years to come.
May I suggest that you start reading The First Deception early in the day because once you start reading this suspenseful novel, you won’t be able to stop! This is a fabulous thriller…well written…cleverly paced…and a “doggone” fun read! You will not want to miss L. T. Ryan’s The First Deception! The First Deception: A Jack Noble Prequel


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