The Extraordinary Life of Anne Frank By Kate Scott

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Anne Frank was:


A writer

An inspiration

Her words have become some of the most important in modern history: discover the incredible life story of Anne Frank, whose courage has inspired so many.

Her incredible story comes to life in this beautifully illustrated book, with narrative biography, timelines, facts and quotes.

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This wasn't my fav, just because it seemed more surface level than other similar books. I would have liked more details about Anne's life in the annex etc, so that my kids had a better feel for what it was like. 0241372704 This is my third Anne Frank book that I’ve now read. Much of what is contained in the Diary of a Young Girl is captured in snapshots in this bite-sized biography. What this biography adds is the tenacity with which Otto Frank, Anne’s father, persevered to make Anne’s dream of becoming a famous writer come true and will break your heart. 0241372704 I cried as my kids and I read this one together. This book took a delicate subject and made it accessible to children. Reading prompted so many wonderful discussions. 0241372704 A great introduction to Anne Frank for kiddos. She was so full of hope and light. Lots of quotes in the book. Several “did you know” moments that the kids enjoyed learning.

We read it in approximately 40 minutes. 0241372704 This nonfiction book is based on the Diary of Anne Frank. It discusses the families experiences during World War 2, but in a format that younger kids can comprehend. It explains the events that she wrote about in her diary, and also includes pictures, definitions, and quotes. 0241372704


I love world war 2, for some reason I still don't know 0241372704 A good book to hand to younger readers interested in knowing about Anne Frank. 0241372704 Such a great read. I highly recommend. I bought this to read to my kids, and they really enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it just as much as they did. 0241372704 It’s like the Sparks Notes version of Anne Frank’s life. Quick read to spark the interest of others who aren’t familiar with her story. 0241372704 A good, age appropriate choice to ready with the little (age 5) 0241372704