The End is Nigh...Again! ( But this time we really mean it.) By Douglas Lee

CHARACTERS The End is Nigh...Again! ( But this time we really mean it.)

The End is Nigh...Again is a book like no other. Its palpable enthusiasm literally scoops up the reader and guides them through a hilarious true life tale of a young boy called Douglas who, through no fault of his own, finds himself born into a fundamentalist religion.
With his tongue firmly in his cheek, Douglas Lee tells this family saga story of his life as a second generation Jehovah’s Witness and of his experiences within this bizarre religion. He candidly exposes the web of sin that lies beneath the holier-than-thou facade they present to the world and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of sex, incest, paedophilia, debauchery, wife swapping and a host of other jaw dropping and highly original sins. The End is Nigh...Again! ( But this time we really mean it.)

How do these whiny turds keep getting book deals? You are not some special snowflakes who escaped a cult, you pretentious snots.

And what did your religion say that was so awful?

This about sums it up:

Just... How does one reach this level of pure stupid?

I'd rather be this:

Than whatever the bleep this author thinks he is...

Just saying.

And the witnesses aren't even Fundamentalists. 1446168964 Douglas Lee does a wonderful job of injecting humor into an otherwise unhumorous situation in his very personal tale of growing up as a Jehovah's Witness. You will learn some very interesting behind the scenes information about the lives of JW's and their families. How happy they all seem while things are falling apart on the inside. 1446168964 Warning ! Be careful where you read this book. I completed it on a long train journey and constantly startled the other passengers (and myself) with loud un-restrainable outbursts of body shaking laughter. I lived my childhood and teenage years experiencing the fear, control and loneliness of growing up as a child born to devout JW parents, yet the author's account enabled me to look back and see the religion for the farce it really is. This is the first time I have ever cried tears of laughter when revisiting my memories. Very therapeutic. A must read for any ex JW or affiliate or anyone who wants an honest inside human view of this religion. 1446168964 Well this book reminded me of a time when I was also a second gen raised witness child. It was scarily similar to my own upbringing and the things he writes about that I actually thought, did other people do that behind their closed doors, surely not but yes they did wow. Amazing read and makes you feel that little bit more at ease I feel with the sub-texts which are hilarious, for an outsider it pretty much explains what each term in this cult meant. I highly recommend this book, once I started I could not put it down. 1446168964