The Dukes Gamble By Miranda Jarrett

Eliot Fitzharding, Duke of Guilford, once visited Penny House to enjoy the games of chance. Now he finds that his heart beats faster- not at the turn of a card, but at the thought of matching wits with Miss Amariah Penny, the fashionable club's proprietress.

Amariah, a clever copper-haired beauty, enjoys Fuilford's company as well...perhaps too much. If only he were not so wickedly attractive!

When an unknown gambler accuses Penny House of harboring a cheat- and threatens violence if the man is not expelled- Guilford comes immediatly to Amariah's rescue. But as the two of them race to sheild Penny House from the rumors, they risk becoming an item of choice gossip themselves... The Dukes Gamble


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Great book. 037329395X

This is a hot mess of uselessness. Run. Run far away. 037329395X The story is set in 1805 London.
Amariah owns and runs a popular gaming house. When she begins receiving anonymous threatening
letters, she suspects that one of her wealthy and titled members may be behind them.
At the same time, Eliot, the Duke of Guilford makes a scandalous wager with his friends that involves getting closer to Amariah.
The two events collide as Eliot and Amariah fall in love. 037329395X I read this book a long time ago and I sort of remember it to be good but reading it again, I am disappointed.
I have never really had much love for a Hero that does absolutely nothing. No political leanings, no business acumen, nothing. At the very least, he should provide the illusion that he takes an active interest in managing his property. The Duke of Guilford, is a gentleman of leisure through and through.
The Heroine was decent enough. She actively engaged in charitable works and has a kind disposition.
The plot while decent lacked intrigue. I didn't feel it. I really tried to get into it but I couldn't. The story simply played out itself.
This book got three stars from me mostly as a way for me to protect my original image of the book. 037329395X Read 2021 037329395X A very satisfying conclusion to the Penny sisters trilogy. 037329395X