The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition By

Bring ancient Druid plant and herb lore into your life. The Druids revered certain plantstrees, herbs and fungiand attached special meanings to them. This stunning deck of 36 cards presents many of the most significant plants and describes their associated folklore and mythology. Will Worthingtons rich images depict each plant in its natural habitat in exquisite detail, while Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomms enlightening text reveals the virtues and qualities of each species and shows how the cards can be used as an oracle from which you can gain wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition

Summary The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition

Absolutely love this deck it is gorgeous and informative 978-1590035191 I have found them to be of good quality and relatively easy to use, although they can be difficult to shuffle due to the large size. The book is excellent at explaining everything and easy to use. The images on the cards is well done and very beautiful. I am new(ish) to tarot and these cards are great for that. There is not really any negativity in the cards or explanations, even for reversed meanings, so I think they are excellent if you are a bit worried about using a deck with intimidating imagery like death and the devil or if you are attuned to nature and druidic ways.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, as long as you are aware of the size of the cards before you buy and are ok with big cards.

There is also an app which you can get, for your phone, that accompanies this and it is possible to manually enter cards you have drawn. It then shows you the cards and meanings and allows you to journal every draw and save for future reference. 978-1590035191 Absolutely love both the animal and plant Oracles. Excellent imagery. 978-1590035191 Quality material. Everything was included. Some extra blank cards as well, not sure if that was intentional.
They’re informational botanically & culturally. Useful. Entertaining.
You can tell a lot of creative & meticulous work was put into these.
These cards are quite large. The spread sheets are very large to accommodate the cards size. 978-1590035191 These are stunning cards, like all the other associated Druid decks of tarot and oracle cards, with well produced inspiring hand books. I love the large format as it allows space for both both good botanical illustrations and evocative landscapes, showing seasons, weather and time of day. There are signs of human presence in an already ancient landscape. The delicate border of the leaves and fruits of Ogham trees frames the image beautifully. These are not pictures, they are a world waiting nearby, accessible. 978-1590035191

I love this deck. It's not only beautiful to look at and use, but the descriptions are insightful and nuanced. That includes the reverse position readings. Some other decks out there don't put any thought into the reverse position readings which are sometimes simplistic, but this one does put a lot of effort on both the upside and reversed readings. Now, this kind of deck is different from a tarot deck, and I always feel a bit dreamy and meditational when I get into this deck very much like addressing the inner psyche. I am half Celtic (Dad is from Scotland) and this deck puts me in mind of how we identified and worked with plants in Scotland when I was a child, but the approach here is not a herbalist one, but is on a different level of symbolism, as what the plants represent at the spiritual level. So it feels like the druidic form of shamanism rather than your typical wise craft with healing herbs. This is fairly accurate as we were taught that the druids revered different trees/plants differently. I prefer this deck to traditional Tarot decks now, with the exception of the Wildwood Tarot and Druidcraft Tarot, which are also excellent decks. But when I want a mystical approach, this is one of my go tos. 978-1590035191 The artwork on these are really nicely done. The descriptions in the book are also very helpful, giving both the history and usage of the herbs, with a spiritual translation.

The only downside is that they are rather large. Working with the deck is a bit awkward. The card stock is a bit thinner too so I have to take extra care when using them to not bend them. 978-1590035191 The Oracle cards are very nice quality and the drawings are nice. The book provides a little botanical information about each plant and then provides details about the Oracle card meanings. This is one of many Oracle sets that I have. I wanted variety. Plants appear as spirit helpers and guides just like animal spirits. 978-1590035191 I was given the Animal Oracle deck this summer on a retreat and we used them almost every day. It quickly became my favorite deck. When I searched for other work by these authors I found this deck was being released this fall and pre ordered it immediately. I've just begun learning about plant medicine and herbalism and this deck is a perfect bridge between those studies and my esoteric studies. I love that I can combine them with the animal cards or use them alone.
The art work really drew me in as well. So much rich detail and symbolism.
The accompanying book is very helpful and the packaging is very nice. 978-1590035191 This deck is really well done, from the artwork to the larger size, which I really like. It comes with an actual book too, not a pamphlet with ten different languages in it. The box is heavy and absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the money. 978-1590035191