The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (Dragon Knight, #9) By Gordon R. Dickson

Entertaining tale. Gordon R. Dickson

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Jim Eckert, the Dragon Knight, must now confront the three disasters that lie in wait for any visitor to the English Middle Ages: war, plague, and Plantagenets.
The plagues is caused by a covert invasion of shape-shanging goblins with plague-tipped spears that seek to take over the world. Meanwhile, Eckert's castle is invaded by Plantagenets: Edward III, his son Edward the Black Prince, and Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent.
Against the background of a full-scale human-versus-goblin war, these worthies move in a swirl of intrigue and dynastic tension. And, as usual, it's up to the Jim Eckert, in all his scaly glory, to make sure good triumphs in the end!
The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (Dragon Knight, #9)

Sensiblemente mejor que el anterior, aunque como de costumbre el final del libro deja muchas cosas a medias y sin explicación, lo cuál es una lástima al ser el último de la saga. Gordon R. Dickson One of the best of the series. Quite well written, a bittersweet read, knowing it was the last. Gordon R. Dickson Dragons AND Plantagenets? Yes, please! Gordon R. Dickson The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (2000) 531 pages by Gordon Dickson.

The ninth book in the Dragon Knight series. Not necessarily the conclusion, but the last one that Dickson wrote. Jim and Angie Eckert come from modern times, but are transported to an alternate 14th century earth where magic (or magick) is prevalent. Through the series Jim is becoming a better magician, at the beginning of Fair Maid he learns that Carolinus (his Master) has nominated him for membership in the collegiate of magickians.

Of course there are problems that arise. A plague or rather the plague breaks out throughout England. Goblins are trying to kill the King. And closer to home Sir Brian and Geronde are going to have a wedding.

Hob (Jim's hob from Malencontri) and other Hobs take on more of a role in this book. We get the back story of how Goblins and Hobgoblins were all the same until the Goblins took out their fury on the Hobgoblins, until they split and had different powers.

This was another fine tale in the Dragon Knight series. A nice touch to finally have Brian and Geronde get married. It took me a while to read it, because I didn't have enough reading time, not because it was a slog. Even broken up over weeks it was very enjoyable. Gordon R. Dickson I love this series! Not nearly enough dragon in this book, mind you, but still great. Dickson did such an excellent job of slowly revealing more information over the course of the series, so that questions you forgot you had suddenly are answered. Highly recommended for those who love dragon stories. Gordon R. Dickson