The Disney Book of Maps: A Guide to the Magical Worlds of Disney and Pixar By Walt Disney Company Ltd.

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Charlotte y Peter Fiell son dos autoridades en historia, teoría y crítica del diseño y han escrito más de sesenta libros sobre la materia, muchos de los cuales se han convertido en éxitos de ventas. También han impartido conferencias y cursos como profesores invitados, han comisariado exposiciones y asesorado a fabricantes, museos, salas de subastas y grandes coleccionistas privados de todo el mundo. Los Fiell han escrito numerosos libros para TASCHEN, entre los que se incluyen 1000 Chairs, Diseño del siglo XX, El diseño industrial de la A a la Z, Scandinavian Design y Diseño del siglo XXI. The Disney Book of Maps: A Guide to the Magical Worlds of Disney and Pixar


I bought this for the kids, but you know what, this brought back many childhood memories for myself. I totally adore this book. 108 paginas Mooie illustraties, echt een aanrader voor de Disney Pixar fans. 108 paginas Good quality book with lovely pictures. Not a story but shows characters from different Disney and Pixar films and maps of where the films are based. Looking forward to looking at it with my child when she is a bit older as she’s just starting to get into Disney! 108 paginas An absolutely wonderful book eye catching, colourful and full of nostalgia, perfect for an avid Disney and Pixar fan with a range of the films included. However, I've only given it 4 stars as it arrived slightly scuffed not the end of the world but not ideal if it's intended as a present. 108 paginas Not happy with the top left corner of the book, it came partly ripped and doesn’t look great as a gift, other than that the book meets expectations, just a shame that it got ruined by this one little thing 108 paginas

Fantastic book, great gift for my daughter and has created so many fun conversations 108 paginas