The Diplomacy of Imperialism 1890 1902 By William L. Langer


This book covers in very great detail a pivotal period in diplomatic history and world history generally with the colonial expansion of the Great Powers the Franco Russian alliance and the British transition from neutrality to involvement in international rivalries This combined with Langer's preuel European Alliances and Alignments 1870 1890 is a magisterial history of Europe's slide toward world war A bit dry a bit dense certainly Europe centric but still indispensible for historians of the period Readers who were interested in popular works touching on the period like Barbara Tuchman's Proud Tower or Robert Massie's Dreadnought may also be interested 797 pages

The Diplomacy of Imperialism carries on a major history of European international relations which was begun by the author's European Alliances and Alignments 1870 1890 a book which was hailed in many countries as the outstanding treatment of the subjectThis new work covers one of the most confused periods of pre war diplomacy a period which the conclusion of the Franco Russian alliance established something like an euilibrium in European affairs while the rise of the spirit of imperialism brought the great powers to the brink of major crises in the Near East in Africa and in the Far East Many of these crises have never been adeuately studied before They are now analyzed as problems in themselves and as part of the general international picture The Diplomacy of Imperialism 1890 1902

characters The Diplomacy of Imperialism 1890 1902