The Death Clock By J. Rock

Andie didn’t know what to make of the numbers. She started seeing them when she got on the bus that morning. She didn't know what they meant...until she saw them run out... The Death Clock


J. Rock î 5 Summary

Death Clock is a good short story about Andie, who starts seeing numbers above the heads of everyone around her. It takes her some time to figure it out because she’s quite the unimaginative person, so says the narrator. Eventually, she realizes that she can see how much more time a person has to live. She puts the pieces together and supposes that a woman who saved her life also transferred her power to Andie. Disconcerting enough to have had a close brush with death, but Andie now has to contend with knowing when people will die. The story has a pretty good ending. The author tries for some foreshadowing that I enjoyed, even if it was a little heavy handed. While I guessed the ending, I did enjoy it. Nice and twisty dark. Just the way I like it. The Death Clock This is a good really, really short story. It's around 4,000 words long, but despite that, it's still highly entertaining. The concept of a “death clock,” or the ability to see a countdown of numbers displayed over someone's head that indicates their remaining lifespan, is nothing new. I recognized this used in Death Note, one of my favorite manga series, to name one of many other stories in which it can be found.

But, that's not what impresses me about the story. It's more about the amazing plot twist that you will never see coming, and it is a doozy! This is a free ebook, so you'll lose nothing but a few minutes of your time to read it and freak out at the end, trying to wrap your brain around the incredibly ironic ending.

What I don't like is the main character for most of the story. Andie is one of the most non-proactive characters you'll ever read about, but she arguably goes through a little character growth by the end. If you find yourself disliking her, don't worry—that really won't be a problem for you. Trust me on that… Just read it for the fun plot twist at the end. The Death Clock Excellent short story, well written with a satisfying ending. Wished it were longer! The Death Clock I really liked it!

A short story about a lady that starts to see strange numbers ticking down above peoples heads. I really liked the ending. The Death Clock Pfft, it wasn't even the length that bothered me so much as the fact the that MC was so utterly unlikable. Rather than not caring what happened to her I was actually thinking that it was a shame that the lady saved her. (not a'll see) Even as short as it was, I only finished it, because I needed to complete a read with a clock on the cover, and since it was free I can use it for another challenge as well. The Death Clock

If you like horror or suspense stories then you will like this book too! The Death Clock Great story. Thought it was clever when the numbers scrambled. What would you do if you knew how long you had to live? The Death Clock Surely, I'm not the only person who realized that Andie's living in a Nickelback music video. It's unimaginative and not worth the time. The Death Clock Well, that ending was obvious and horrible. That could have gone so much better then it did. 1, wish I hadn’t read that it wasn’t worth it, stars. The Death Clock This was a well written short-story.

Mr Rock does a great job of catching your attention early and keeping up until the end. By the time you figure out what is going on, there is nothing left to do but watch the clock tick down.

4 STARS The Death Clock