The Cruise By Lise Gold

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you
Love, lifes sweetest reward
Let it flow, it floats back to you
Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure
Your mind on a new romance
Jack Jones
The Love Boat:)

I'm pretty sure that this story was different than the show, I just needed a song to accompany it.

My first read by Ms.Gold, I couldn't connect with it at first but by the end, I'm a fan. Besides the romance, Ms.Gold gave me the behind the scenes of a cruise ship through Billie and Cara's jobs. They were both excellent in their fields and caused some serious blush, squirms and breathlessness when they were raising the temperature of ship and mine as they began to express their interests in each other. There were a couple of steamy scenes and one of them involving popcorn. I don't think I'll be able to look at popcorns without blushing.

I loved their times together, especially when they were hanging out on the bench, looking at the ocean, talking about everything and nothing. I loved their off the ship scenes in South Africa, Vietnam and Mauritius(sighs)
I loved the MasterChef in Cara and I loved the Jackie of All Trades in Billie.

Why not 5? The Dan Issue

Recommended and definitely worth rereads :]

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Lise Gold The push-pull factor had me up the whole day reading The Cruise. And when both Billie and Cara finally relented and gave/caved in to their mutual attraction…well it was worth giving up my Saturday 🙂

4 ⭐️ Lise Gold Really enjoyed this book second time round. The perfect pick-me up for a cold, rainy, lockdown day. It's official - I'm seriously bored by Covid and this imposed house-isolation - this excellent tale helps keeps the blues at bay. Thank you. Perfect old friend to read in these troubled times. Lise Gold Cara has been miserable since she lost her journalism job and her best friend, Dan, convinces his girlfriend to find Cara a job on the cruise ship she works on. Sharing a room with Billie is fun until Cara realises she's starting to have feelings for her.

I really enjoyed reading this .

I struggled with knowing who was talking most of the time. They both had very similar voices which wasn't helped by the sentence following the dialogue which, as often as not, started with the name of the person not speaking. I found it very distracting. Lise Gold 5 stars is not enough!

Cara had given up all hope of ever finding a job when she gets an opportunity and that was just what she needed at a stale point in her life. Her best friend hopes that this will lift her out of her depression and encourages her to accept. The limited space, the living condition leads to unavoidable confrontations and the chemistry is undeniable. Cara would never risk their friendship even though the sparks intensify. Both are hesitant to give in, to commit but it is almost impossible. Everything feels like a betrayal. I won't spoil how things play out but I can tell this is a fantastic, vivid and engaging love story. The attention to details, the heartbreaking moments, the humor, the amusing dialogues, the closeness and the camaraderie of the crew members and the spicy love scenes, it all makes this book an irresistible read. I really cared about what happened to the characters. They are colorful, full of life and easy to identify with. The author tells the story in a way that brings it all to life and with that she did a more than excellent job. Get wrap up in this story and I hope you love this one as much as I did.

Lise Gold

When Cara is made redundant and unable to find another job in journalism, she takes on a seasonal position on a cruise ship with Billie, her best friend’s girlfriend. Billie isn’t her type at all, but as the two grow closer during their time at sea, Cara finds herself torn between loyalty towards her friend Dan, and her growing feelings for the beautiful and flirtatious Billie, who might very well be the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

What do you do when the only thing you want is the one thing you can’t have? Keeping a distance is hard when opposites attract. And running away is pointless when desire can cross oceans... The Cruise

Much better than I expected. We don't get much push/pull in the middle between the characters as much as they are both revving their engines at the start of a drag race but not yet engaging the clutch. Not my favorite formula but it worked. Lise Gold Once again, Lise Gold writes the sweetest characters. Cara is an unemployed journalist, living in London in a filthy apartment with her best friend, an performance artist called Dan. Dan is worried that she’s getting more and more depressed and asks his new girlfriend Billie to help Cara get a job on the cruise ship she works on as the animation team leader. Cara is hired to carve fruit and the two women find themselves sharing a cabin and cruising around the world for six months. As luck would have it, Dan, who doesn’t usually really do relationships, seems to like Billie a lot, so when Cara finds herself terribly attracted to her new friend and roommate, she struggles with her loyalty towards him. But she’s only human, and when Billie makes it clear the attraction is mutual, how is she supposed to resist? As usual with this author’s books, the chemistry between the characters is palpable, and there are some rather steamy scenes in between the fun and witty bantering dialogues. Also as usual, the way Lise Gold describes all the places the characters get to see while working on the ship makes want to visit them too. And eat the same food!

There were a couple of things I didn’t like, though. The whole Gwen story made me uncomfortable. Gwen is the Captain’s daughter and she takes full advantage of that fact, acting like Billie’s job is to be her personal assistant, hitting on her relentlessly and being an all-around pest. I didn’t like the way she treated Billie and I didn’t like either how Cara and the others made light of Gwen’s desire to always be thinner. It sounded an awful lot like anorexia, which isn’t fun at all. Sure, she was totally obnoxious and all but being a spoilt brat whose only concern seems to be whether a landscape is Instagram-worthy doesn’t mean you can’t also suffer from real problems. The other – much more minor – thing is Cara’s job as a journalist. Maybe things are different in the UK from what I know in France, but in my experience, an unemployed journalist will do freelance work, while looking (or not) for a more stable position but there are so few of those that freelancing is the rule, especially for younger journalists.

Anyhow, neither of these are big enough reasons to stop you from giving The Cruise a chance, when there are so many reasons to enjoy it. The writing is good, the characters are lovely, the chemistry is fantastic, the ending works. There’s also a very moving scene between Billie and her mother (who is not one of those overbearing yet perfect mothers who populate lesfic romance), which I didn’t expect at all and which left me teary-eyed. Lise Gold It’s actually a very decent read! Characters are very likeable and you really feel the connection.. the setting is amazing that’s what I liked most about the book :) the only reason why I didn’t round it up to 5 having enjoyed it a lot, is because it was very predictable for me..
Lise Gold 4,5 stars. I feel good story, wonderful writing and awesome characters. I just didn't like the change of Dan from womanizer to this-is-the-woman-I-want-to-spend-my-life-with-even-if-I-have-just-known-her-for-a-month-and-she-is-away-fot-six-month ;) Lise Gold Cara and Billie meet when Billie is dating Cara's best friend, Dan. Billie gets Cara a job on the cruise and there they fall in love but of course there is Dan to think of. He was the reason for their meeting, the reason for angst and eventually their HEA. The Mains were adorable and had good chemistry. Sometimes the switch from one pov to the next within the same paragraph was annoying and the book was a bit longer than necessary but still it was a very enjoyable read. Lise Gold


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