The Cresperian Alliance (Cresperian #3) By Stephanie Osborn

The Cresperian Alliance (Cresperian #3)


Characters The Cresperian Alliance (Cresperian #3)

Excellent book! I think it did a great job of covering all the action that was going on from what was happening on Earth to what happened when the group escaped from Cresperia and when a group went back to Cresperia to spy on what the Snappers were doing. There were a lot of exciting moments including one I totally didn't expect, but won't spoil for you all. Although this book is the third in a series, I feel like it could be read as a stand-alone due to the explanations of what happened earlier. It introduces some new characters, but ties them in nicely to what has happened before. The science is also well thought out and well explained. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would heartily recommend it. 256