The Comanche Captivity of Sarah Ann Horn By James A. Crutchfield

It could be just me, but I found it hard to read. It is an older book, and its the journal and life told from Sarah Horn. However, its also so one sided not at all enjoyable or interesting to me. 41

In 1833, when young Sarah Ann Horn departed England with her husband and two small sons, her thoughts were on the new life her family would enjoy in the United States. After spending several months in New York City, the family signed up for a journey to the Republic of Texas where they could homestead and eventually acquire 137 free acres for their efforts. Soon growing discontented with, not only the land, but also the management of the colony in which they had settled, the Horns decided to return to England. But, it was not to be. Attacked and captured by a party of Comanche Indians, Sarah Ann was faced with challenges and realities the like of which she never could have dreamed. Over a period of fifteen months of Comanche captivity, she and her captors rode endlessly across the Texas plains until finally she was purchased out of bondage and befriended by traders in New Mexico. This is the true story of a remarkable woman who endured an unimaginable amount of suffering and pain in her short lifetime. The Comanche Captivity of Sarah Ann Horn

Μια νεαρή κοπέλα που την απαγάγουν οι Ινδιάνοι και υποχρεώνεται να ζήσει μαζί τους για ένα διάστημα, ώσπ��υ να απελευθερωθεί εντελώς τυχαία... Οι αφηγήσεις προσωπικών εμπειριών παρουσιάζουν πάντα ενδιαφέρον έστω και μόνον επειδή είναι αυθεντικές. 41 So informative! I loved being brought back in time. Her dream about the 2 babies that she loved as her own, that would not be hers. The foreboding she experienced, before she ever set off, that she ignored. Her faith!! She was so real to me. A must read!! So much going on in North America at the time. Life is tough. WoW! And that “American” who could have, and eventually did free her from her captives, just to be a captive again? I loved her occasional dip into other events at the time. Santa Anna and the war going on. Our world is dark.. she was a light. Love how she is detailed in addresses and places. Just WoW! 41 Surprising

I had thought a female captive would be taken as a wife of one of the braves. This didn't happen to Sarah Ann Horn. I am also surprised at what happened to one of her sons. I won't give much away. I am certainly very surprised at how she got to Missouri. I have read similar books. This one is a little different. It's a quick read and was interesting for me.
41 Spellbinding

Vivid description of endurance, perseverance, and hope despite separation from family.
Readers can literally sense the pain of Sarah Ann Horn. 41 Very Informative

Absolutely astonishing story to say the least. I can't imagine what she must've felt... Very brave of her to share her story!! 41


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