The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One By Adam Gaffen

Sci-fi, futuristic fun gadgets. Fantasy fiction masterpiece with an absorbing and intriguingly aspired story with fun and thrills. An easy listen with a disturbingly believable plot with imaginative characters. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One At first I found the book a bit long for me but the story line got better the more I read. Became suspenseful when they went on the run from the wedding and made me keep turning pages. Really enjoyed the book overall. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One This story is set in 2113. The country has been torn up by numerous incidents. The main characters, Cassidy and Kendra, begin their journey through the places that have emerged to replace it! Cassidy and Kendra are on a run to fight to stay alive. Will their friendship stay strong after this is over? This book is definetly a 5/5 for me. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One I had the experience of reading this book using Audible with Amazon. Such an addicting read for sure! Loved the storyline for sure! Ken and Cass...such good characters in the book! Adventures in a book get me hooked. I was like wanting to know more about what was going to happen next! This book is full of description, and never get people bored! This is worth the read. Good job to the author! The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One A non stop action ride, tremendous fun right from the gun wielding vicar at the wedding right from page 1. Loved the storyline and the characters. I received a complementary copy via Storyorigin and am leaving a voluntary honest review The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One

Summary The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One

Aiyana Cassidy is a happy genius. She has a job she enjoys and is about to marry her best friend and their groom. And then the minister pulls out a gun. Aiyana grabs their hands and runs away, but nobody else saw what she saw!
Is she imagining things?

It doesn’t matter for now, because Kendra Foster-Briggs believes her, and when they’re together there’s never been anything they couldn’t handle. Kendra leads them off the grid, displaying skills no former sensie actress should have.

What happened? Who is behind it? Why?

Travel with them across the length and breadth of a shattered United States, from Vegas to Massachusetts to New Orleans and more. There are schemes, double-crosses, plots, and unexpected allies along the way.

Welcome to The Cassidy Chronicles! The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One

This is the Volume One of the wonderful Cassidy Chronicles Series and this is a type of series that once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down.

🌸It’s a great story with interesting characters and plot, I really enjoyed every twist of this book. An action-packed story and a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I have a special kind of love for books with a strong female lead and here the author created a world full of female Warriors and leaders which is interesting and good to read. I am impressed with the author's imagination skills and the world building is so impressive. All the characters are well developed and played their role amazingly and if i talk about my favorite character, it was Kendra. I loved her character, she is brilliant, strong and energetic lady.

🌸This book series have everything that a reader expects from a sci-fi book. Great combination of mystery, suspense, comedy, romance, friendship, thrill, betrayal. The twists and turns will definitely make you excited to read the whole book series. I really liked the writing style of the author and the cover is really attractive. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One A Futuristic Ride!!!

This book set in a Futuristic but realistic time period of what the world will look like next century. Taking a ride with Cassidy will lead you on an adventure filled with romance, betrayal, and friendships built admits chaos. Enjoy the new world of technology this author offers to readers from a scientific perspective, with a twist of suspense and thriller. I can easily see this book turning into a television drama. Definitely will recommend. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One This was a fast paced energetic read. Every scene was filled with action and never let the readers lose interest in it. The best thing about this book was the pacing. The plot of this book was unique and kept me hooked. And I really liked the writing style of the author, it was to the point and easy to understand. The character of Kendra is so brilliantly developed, she is such a strong and level headed lady. I feel like Cassidy’s character lacked a little depth in the beginning but later on she also developed a really likeable personality. The twists and turns in this book were excellent. The action sequences were penned down really well. I found some parts a little confusing but later on I got the hang of it.

This was a really fast paced action packed SciFi read. If you like to read something exciting then this is the book for you. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One This story is set in not-so-distant future. The United States has been broken up through various events and the main protagonists of the story Cassidy and Kendra navigate their way through the various nation-states that have come to replace it.

During her wedding Aiyana Cassidy called as Cass by her friends was attacked by the pastor . She is on the run with her boyfriend Derek and her best friend. Leaving her boyfriend behind, Cass and Kendra (Ken) go on a quest to stay alive.

Both Cass and Ken are brilliant and intelligent ladies with Ken having secrets of her own. The story revolves around these two characters as they run for their life from place to place trying to find out the mystery of the person who is tying to kill Cass and why.

Will they find out who is behind all this?
Will their friendship survive through this journey?

This is a 3 part series and it has everything that a reader wants from a sci-fi book. It has mystery, suspense, thrill, action, comedy, romance, friendship,betrayal and of course new technology and innovations. The twists and turns and the action sequences are narrated really well.

The character of Kendra is brilliantly developed as a strong and energetic lady. The Charactesrs and the plot are very well developed and I really enjoyed how the story went ahead. This book is fast paced which I liked the most and the story keeps you hooked till the end.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to all sci-fi fans out there.

Disclaimer : I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. The above is my honest opinion of what I felt while reading the book and I'm leaving this review voluntarily. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One If your idea of a heroine is someone who waits to be rescued, then this is the wrong book! Neither lead character is content to simply wait; from the moment the minister tries to kill them at their wedding, they are out there seeking answers. Along the way they run into more trouble, more enemies, and more threats. They also find new friends, new allies, and new opportunities. This book draws you in quickly and doesn't let you go until the last page. The Cassidy Chronicles: Volume One