The Case of the Mall Mystery (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate \u0026 Ashley, #28) By Alice Leonhardt

Another solid mystery for kids. 9780061066504 This one was more entertaining than the other ones, probably because there was actually a real mystery and the solution to it was pretty cool. 9780061066504 Marykate and Ashly The Mall Mystery is about two girls named Marykate and Ashly. and people tell them a whole lot was stolen from the mall! They go to every cart and investigate.
Marykate and Ashly tell the mall security.Will more things get stolen or will they find the thief.
Read the book to find out
9780061066504 I read this ages ago so I don't really remember what happens...... 9780061066504 Yeah, I remember reading this for like 10-15 times when I was 9 or 10 years old! 9780061066504

Mary-Kate and Ashley are psyched to see their friend Patty perform her Irish dance in the talent contest at the mall. But before Patty goes on stage, her emerald shamrock pin is stolen The twins are sure they'll find Patty's pin in no time. After all, the thief left behind a chocolate fingerprint. But the case gets tougher when more jewelry turns up missing. Now the talent show might be cancelled -- unless Mary-Kate and Ashley can find the chocolate-loving thief lickety split The Case of the Mall Mystery (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate \u0026 Ashley, #28)

good 9780061066504

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