The Brutal Heart (A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery #11) By Gail Bowen

Good mystery and excellent storytelling. Gail Bowen Another good one. Gail Bowen I love these books, but particularly the ones where Canadian politics are as front and centre as the mystery. A nice switch from the JD Robb books I’ve been reading lately. Gail Bowen Enjoyable book, but not outstanding. Reads more like a family drama than a mystery with lots of description of houses, clothes, etc. This is certainly about the wealthier side of Regina, SK. I had read some of Bowen's earlier works years ago. Obviously, the main character, Joanne, had changed many times over in terms of relationships and jobs since my last reading. I could not keep up with the names of her charachers -- children, friends, ex-husbands, lawyers, someone named Keith who may be a brother or an ex. I couldn't place him. All this to say, a book which is part of a series should stand on its own. In my view, one would need to read all the series in order to get the most of Bowen's books. Gail Bowen This one actually had one part that brought tears to my eyes.
Best one yet. Gail Bowen


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The bestselling Gail Bowen returns with a gripping story of marriage, politics, sex, and murder.

With a general election just weeks away, Joanne Kilbourn is following the campaign of Ginny Monaghan, a woman who has her eyes set on the leadership of the federal Conservative Party and whose success depends, not so much on the election-day poll, but on the outcome of a custody battle she’s fighting with her ex. Joanne thinks this is perfect material for a TV program she’s putting together on women and party politics. Happy to be back in the political fray that used to be her life during her first marriage, Joanne is soon also glad of the distraction it provides. A local call girl has been murdered — a woman whose regular clientele included several of Regina’s most prominent lawyers, including — until he met Joanne — her own husband, Zach Shreve.

Her new marriage creaking under the strain of this revelation, Joanne throws herself into her project — and into finding out why the dead woman had started to threaten her clients with blackmail, an investigation that leads to the truth — and to death.

In The Brutal Heart, Bowen expertly mixes the ingredients of marriage, family, politics, and murder into a constantly surprising and compulsively readable story. The Brutal Heart (A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery #11)

I enjoyed this installment more than the last one. I think reading them back to back has created some difficulties; the author tends to use the same words and phrases over and over, which has become a little irritating and tired.

I wasn't sure about the relationship between Joanne and Zach at first, but they are growing on me as a couple and I like that the author isn't afraid to show a real relationship, difficult times and all. Gail Bowen A struggle. This goes on the shelf of - 'oh, did my mind just wander again while I was reading? How far back do I need to go this time?' Ugh.

Bowen is an excellent writer. I just wish she created likable characters, in a interesting story, with a modicum of suspense. Mysteries should be like carnival rides...unexpected twists and turns, exhilarating climaxes and drops - I didn't get any of that from 'the Brutal Heart'. It was like a kiddie-train at a playground...interminable and flat.

This is the second Joanne Kilbourn mystery I've read and I noticed I didn't give the other one a very good rating either. Perhaps politics, dry humor and sarcastic, but forgiving, protagonists are not my thing. I can appreciate the one or two good quips from the main character - but it's like stumbling upon a drop of water in the desert. It's hard to get enough sustenance from a drop of liquid in an environment so dry.

Gail Bowen A quick read. Although I figured out who committed the murder fairly early, I continued to read because the information about Canada's federal elections was new to me; was also curious about the changes in the lives of her children as they tackle single parenthood, new careers and growing up. Having read all of the books in this series, I'm pretty invested in Joanne and some of the other characters. (Not so much Zach ....) Gail Bowen Expect me to burn through the remaining 11 books in this series pretty quick because they are perfect for reading at 3am while up feeding my daughter!

I don't have a whole lot new to say but the dialogue in this series is rather hilarious in that everyone talks like an English professor. From three year olds to meth heads they are all quoting literature and poetry and using phrases like that's a noble aim.

Also I don't quite get the reasoning for Meika and Greg's new situation? Greg always seemed like a very involved dad and was the one who didn't want to get divorced but somehow Meika has full custody of the kids and Greg moved to Montreal and no longer has involvement in his daughters' lives? Does not track, v confusing.

Who will get murdered in Regina next time??? Gail Bowen 11th book in series. Joanne Kilbourn - heroine. Politician, teacher, wife, mother. Joanne is married now and even tho I like this series, this book was a bit sickening sweet for me as the author was a bit over the top re their love life (husband is confied to a wheel chair). The murder of a prostitute; a political campaign of a woman running for prime minister; the involvement of her husband with the prostitute; the battle over custody of their children -- a lot going on. The mystery was good, and I'll read the next book in series. Gail Bowen