The Bride By Kichiku Neko

Just added this book to GR database. I am still waiting for it to be available at Kobobooks or any other ebookstores before I am able to grab it. Can't get the paperback since the shipping to my place is not feasible.

I am so dying to read this. Please please I beg you, don't make me wait too long ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

I wish I could show you guys one more tantalizing illustrations from this book, but tat one was errhmm... bit too intense. It makes me overly excited cos it's the hottest scene ever! The one that urge me to grab this book as soon as I could.

The Bride
4 sick and twisted mind stars


I don't have words.

Don't read this if you...
-...are uncomfortable with dub-con/non-con.
-...want to keep your faith into cops.
-...need a HEA. hichhiking.

But if you like some mind-fuckery you should definitly check this out!


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The Bride Eh?! So this was basically the best worst Christmas present I ever got.

I'm laughing, but I'm not really laughing? Can you laugh and be traumatized at the same time?

Curiosity definitely killed this cat. :(

The Bride What to say about this book? The family in it reminds me of the one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, especially the creepy old dad. The two brothers are the heart of the story - and I want more. The sex is disturbing. The story is sad, sick, and delicious. Also, it makes me wary of policemen.

Basically, nothing you wouldn't expect from this wonderfully twisted artist/author duo. Enjoy. The Bride Wait, no, that did not just happen...

Yes. Yes it did. Holy fuck.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. And you know I loved it. The Bride


Young and pretty eyed Jesse is stranded after his car broke down. An attractive man who turns out to be a cop offers him a ride. Jesse falls prey to the cop’s friendly nature without knowing that he is up for a very unusual and twisted family reunion that will change his life forever. The Bride

Yep, this is still the most disturbing thing I've EVER read! The Bride 3.5 stars The Bride *3.5*

This was way too tame;-) I have come to expect a from these two creators, and The Bride didn't quite live up to what I've read before.
Maybe I'm the perv here, since I thought some scenes could have been more on-the-page and graphic than they were now.
Still, the story (if somewhat done before), was compelling and quickly drew me in. It was unfortunately so short I never got much depth. Hopefully there will be a sequel sometime, since there is definitely material and base for some proper disturbed shit! The Bride Hm, war nichts für mich. Während die Story um Jesse spannend war, war sie wieder viel zu schnell vorbei, da hätte ich gerne mehr gelesen. Die zweite Story in diesem Buch, The Human Stain (Prolog), war dann ein Riesen-Squick für mich und ich habe die dann nur noch halb überflogen. Anscheinend geht's dann noch weiter, ich denke mal, das wird auch noch erscheinen, da bin ich mal gespannt. The Bride This story is not for the faint of heart.

In fact, that twist ending left me so off guard that I stared at the page for ten minutes before it fully registered in my mind that the story was over. Wow.I did not see that coming.

Jesse, a stranded teenager on the highway is convinced by this Cop to ride with him to his childhood home where he'll go to visit his family. Maybe there, he thinks, he'll be able to borrow a phone. As they pull up to the house, which is located far off the road in the middle of nowhere,something starts to seem amiss.

Little does he know what horrors await him...

This story doesn't pull any punches. There is crossdressing, violence and rape. And a lot of mind fuckery. Read at your own risk.
The Bride