The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century eBook : Miller, Sarah By Sarah Miller

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Good book, first class service. Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback A straightforward account of the crime, arrest and trial. Doesn't reach a conclusion on guilt or innocence. But I found it very interesting all the same. Would recommend. Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback Engaging book, easy ready with illustrations and photographs. Well worth the read Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback


This book about the Lizzie Borden murders in great, full of accurate accounts and facts, and about the trials, life after the murders and all the people involved at the time, the book very helpfully also tells you why certain people's ranks changed during the course of the Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback I am a big fan of crime and murder books so fan this has to be the best one i have read Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback slight disappointment,only because I'm left as everyone did she or didnt she ?????? Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback Not bad but expected background. Always frustrating when the mystery is left unsolved. Seems to me that Lizzie was lucky to be found not guilty. She certainly was the obvious culprit. Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback it was such a good book and gave amazing information Kindle Edition, £0.00 , Hardcover, Paperback

With murder, court battles, and sensational newspaper headlines, the story of Lizzie Borden is compulsively readable and perfect for the Common Core.   Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty one.   In a compelling, linear narrative, Miller takes readers along as she investigates a brutal crime: the August 4, 1892, murders of wealthy and prominent Andrew and Abby Borden. The accused? Mild mannered and highly respected Lizzie Borden, daughter of Andrew and stepdaughter of Abby. Most of what is known about Lizzie’s arrest and subsequent trial (and acquittal) comes from sensationalized newspaper reports; as Miller sorts fact from fiction, and as a legal battle gets under way, a gripping portrait of a woman and a town emerges.   With inserts featuring period photos and newspaper clippings—and, yes, images from the murder scene—readers will devour this nonfiction book that reads like fiction.A School Library Journal Best Best Book of the YearSure to be a hit with true crime fans everywhere. —School Library Journal, Starred The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century eBook : Miller, Sarah