The Body Snatchers: A Real Alien Conspiracy By Susan Reed


If this is a true story then we're done for!!
Humanity as a whole will eventually vanish, Reptilian's will replace mankind, and as it happens no one will have a clue! Damn Sheeple, Get Yo Heads Outta The Sand!!! 137 I spotted so many lies in this book that it was hard to finish. Not sure if it's the author or if she was duped into putting out this disinformation. 137

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This is a book about an alien race and how they are taking over the planet. This alien race is known as the Reptilians; actually they are called THE DRACONIANS.

The biblical term is the Nephilim or fallen angels and obviously Satan.

Yes the reptilians are here and I am sorry to say doing rather well, but that can change. I'm talking here not about their physical form: an eight foot green reptile with yellow eyes and an unpleasant smell, although they also are here and this is how they would appear elsewhere, but about their invasion in a different form. They have taken over human beings and once taken over there is no going back for that human.

Taking over a human is the only way they can do it as we mustn't know they exist.

I have unique insights that I have gained from two years experience with a reptilian host and found out exactly how a reptilian exists as a human and that is not found elsewhere. I hope that by publishing this book other's will come forward who know what I know but have not understood it. I believe that I am exceptional in that I have come to understand in full one particular human/ reptilian and I have done it the hard way, almost everything there is to know, I know. I think you'll find the book extremely interesting and it will expose weapons and methods of harming that they do without us knowing about it. I provide unique insights into how they prevent us raising our consciousness, this is their hidden agenda. I was targeted for this very reason. Plus of course how they intend to - excuse the cliché but its true - take over the planet.

They are very intellectual and cold and what we would consider bad, and on this planet very cruel. Surprisingly they are high beings. They are also much higher than we are and extremely advanced beyond anything we can imagine and operating in the fifth dimension. They are helpful amongst themselves and I was once helped by a Draco who is a great deal higher than Brian. They think nothing of killing and enjoy the thrill. They are not of this planet and evolve in a different way to us. It is hard for us to understand how they think.

We are not the only planet they want. They have many other planets that they are taking over. Our planet is the most beautiful but they have to kill us off in order to live here. We are more advanced than their other planets so it is not an easy planet for them but they have got half way with their ultimate goal of living on the planet. They can't breathe here and they have to produce a hybrid which they are working on.

The author: Susan Reed has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and has worked for eighteen
years as a nutritionist and hospital dietician. She worked in nutritional research for several years. She became interested in higher consciousness and spent four years in an enlightenment and study course. She then met a man named Brian, who revealed himself to be a reptilian host. This catapulted her into the secret reptilian involvement on the planet. Susan Reed died under mysterious circumstances on a Caribbean island on Oct. 8 th 2009.

Publisher's Note: This book has been a year in production. It is not your usual literary fair, nor is it your usual metaphysical research material. It contains the experiences of the author with a Draconian Reptilian entity. It is blow by blow, word by word. It will be difficult for most of us to relate to, since we have never encountered or at least not 'knowingly' been invaded by a an alien spirit or entity.

It would be easy to discount such experiences as those of a lunatic. However, such experiences have been related since the beginning of human knowledge.

Such experiences are referred to biblically. The Body Snatchers: A Real Alien Conspiracy