Star Time By Joseph Amiel

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First, I must say I was gifted this book by the author. This book reminded me of Broadcast News. It focused on a love story but expanded beyond that over an epic storyline. The characters were interesting as was the finale. I felt overwhelmed at times by the sheer number of characters. Although they were all interesting, many seemed inconsequential to the main storyline and didn't deserve their own storylines. At times I found following along and remembering who is who rather challenging. I would recommend buying the original edition of this book. I have the updated edition and there were discrepancies like mentioning something currently happening in the Clinton administration and then later taking about 9/11. These timeline mistakes took me out of the story every time. The story is timeless and does not need an update. Overall, I enjoyed this book. Mystery Thrillers, Romance, Historical Fiction

This edition of Star Time is out of print. There is a new, updated version listed.

Bright, beautiful Christine Paskins is riding the fast track as a tough TV reporter--her passion for her work rivaled only by her love for news producer Greg Lyall. But when Greg's dream of power is brought tantalizingly close by the attentions of the CEO's socialite daughter, their lives explode in a tangle of passion and heartbreak, love and betrayal that spans a decade.

Star Time exposes the voraciously ambitious people who provide the TV shows America watches¾and what they will do to get what they want. From the boardrooms of Manhattan to the bedrooms of Hollywood, uppermost in everyone's mind is the same thing--the ratings.

Star Time is a gripping, fast-paced, fascinating, and sharply funny look at the inner workings of network television, the shows that make or break it, the people whose lives it consumes, and the lengths they'll go to achieve success¾their star time--that will hold readers enthralled and delighted until the very last word. Star Time