The Belgrade Archer (Pierce Reston Book 2) By Chase Hughes


Highly entertaining read, and all well within the bounds of possibility. Would make a great film or TV series. Looking forward to the third book. Kindle, Pasta blanda Book 2: The Belgrade Archer. Gripping & scary story, mind control & deadly virus, this book is a page turner. In our world of covid, this is so believable. Loved it & now I'm patiently waiting for book 3 to be released. So very well done Chase Hughes. Kindle, Pasta blanda I was completely blown away when I read Phrase Seven and have been looking forward to reading The Belgrade Archer. What can I say? It didn't let me down.Phrase Seven had a lot of mystery behind who, how and what HIG is, and there was a worry that answering many of these questions in the first book would lose some of the spellbinding storytelling in future books. Well, I was wrong.Gripped from the first page through to the last (which introduces the next book), highly relatable characters and some teasers of the behavioural methods Chase developed over many years.If you can't wait for the next book, why not get another of his books called Six Minute X Ray and read how you can develop the same behavioural methods for day to day life. It is absolutely fascinating*. that's not enough, check out 'The Behaviour Panel' on Youtube where Chase is joined with Greg, Scott and Mark, who dissect interviews by the subjects body lanuage.*I believe Phrase One is actually used in the book, but I never seem to remember where I saw it or what it was… ;) Kindle, Pasta blanda Great read. The Pierce Reston series give an interesting insight into the world of ‘Tradecraft’ Kindle, Pasta blanda Great book but suggest for clarity you read them in order and there’s only two so far…. Very good, a slightly different slant on a good thriller. Kindle, Pasta blanda

A masterclass in spy fiction.A mind virus that could actually happenIn this second book in the Pierce Reston series, Pierce and Kelly unite to unravel a sinister plot.When a Russian nuclear submarine surfaces in a US Naval base with no one aboard, tensions reach a boiling point. With the discovery of the scariest yet mind control pandemic threatening to level the Earth as we know it, and a global puppet master who's reach is unlimited, Pierce is forced to go to extreme lengths.The US Vice President has been compromised, Russia begins to arm Iran, and Pierce must break every rule to stop a nuclear holocaust.The only problem isthey are very late to the game.

Soon to be a television series, the Pierce Reston series by Chase Hughes is a work of modern spy fiction that rivals Dan Brown, David Baldacci, and possibly the great Le Carr. In this stunning work, Chase not only divulges serious loopholes in the human mind, but the inner workings of psychology and behavior. Grant Murrell, International Hypnotist
Chase's work had me by the throat, as always, from the first chapter. My adrenaline pumped as much for the story as it did in anticipation for what trick I would learn next. Dr. Richard Nongard, International expert in the subconscious mind
This bears a scary resemblance to our lives in today's world, and I hope, for our sake, this type of mind control 'device' in un engineerable. A truly masterful work of 'fiction' from the master of behavior himself. Mark Bowden, Behavior expert, and trainer to the heads of G7 countries The Belgrade Archer (Pierce Reston Book 2)