The Authentic Jesus of Nazareth in a Land Called Milk and Honey By Dean R Eyerly

Most people know only a few stories written about the life of Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified in AD 30--seven told by Apostle Paul between AD 50 and 59, and those written by Mark, Matthew, Luke and John between AD 74 and 110. As has become widely known, even outside the world of biblical scholarship, as many as thirty other inspired stories about Jesus were written during the same period by James, Peter, Thomas, Philip and Mary Magdalene. This book tells the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his family, friends, associates, and first century followers. This book is an 'earthly' view of Jesus. Included are observations made by temple high-priest Joseph Caiaphas, Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate and others who knew Jesus personally.

In 2003, while on a business trip to the Orient and Europe, I read Dan Brown's book titled The Da Vince Code. As a Christian and weekly church attendee, I thought the book extremely interesting with a plot that was quite plausible - namely, that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a child together. Because I am also a student of history, Brown's book caused me to wonder - Who was Jesus of Nazareth really? Who was Mary, mother of Jesus really? Who was Joseph, father of Jesus really? Mary Magdalene, and Joseph of Arimathea? Who were the Disciples? Who were Jesus' brothers and sisters? What were the politics of the day? At the same point in time, I felt compelled to find the answers to these questions and more. I began to study the latest research on the subject done by Christian scholars recognizing the fact that each scholar has their own intellectual specialty and that as each day goes by, more and more 'historical' information about Jesus, his family, and his associates is being unearthed by archaeologists and researchers around the world.

This book, like my other three (Between Heaven and Hell: 2009; The Face of Jesus: 2012, and A Man of His Time: 2018), is about ancient history and not church dogma or spiritual belief. This book, like the other three, combines historical research in chronological order done by each scholar. It is about a 'pre-resurrection' Jesus who walked the earth with a powerful message to give. This book is about a 'flesh and blood' man who had trials and tribulation as does every human being. This book is about The Authentic Jesus - a man you most likely have never met! The Authentic Jesus of Nazareth in a Land Called Milk and Honey

Such a wonderful reflection on the life of Jesus! Dean R. Eyerly has such a way with words too. He gets these wonderful points and thoughts across in the most accessible way.

It took a couple of days to read this substantial work that I suspect often merely graces people's coffee tables. It is so rich in history and conceptual load that I would pick it up while having breakfast and read a chapter and ponder the ideas. Eyerly has done a stellar job of seeking out the interesting and factual history of the authentic Jesus of bringing His stories to life. As a teacher, I feel this book helped me contextualize the role of the people that surrounds Jesus during His time and also understand the nuances of historical times in which they lived.

If you find a topic that interests you, such as the story of Joseph, Jesus’s brother, for instance, you don't have to read consecutive chapters. This would be excellent for those not inclined to read the entire thing.
9781948864329 This is a book I would never have encountered if not received as a Christmas gift.

I read a few paragraphs. Hey, this is good.

What struck me immediately was the book’s tone. This didn’t read like some ponderous declaration of ancient dogma from the Papal Throne. It was like reading something my late father-in-law might have written, gentle and welcoming as if to say, “Do you have a moment? This is my friend. Let me tell you about him.”

I put it back on my to read list, making a mental note to read the whole thing, but I promptly misplaced it. As I was sticking my new Nook with books I wanted to read, this one came to mind again, and I'm glad it did. This is a work simultaneously ambitious and humble, scholarly and accessible, broad in scope and intimate in detail.

This is a book best read slowly and with care, perhaps a chapter at a time, with ample time for reflection between readings. If you’re unacquainted with Jesus, if you want to understand him a little better, or even if you think you know everything about Jesus of Nazareth, you need to know, this book’s for you. Give it a read.

9781948864329 A few weeks ago, I had a dream that profoundly impacted my book reading. Without going into details, it left me with a desire to read about Jesus, a desire to know Jesus better. So, I picked this book.

Here's the question for you:

Do you think Jesus has always been the person whom Christian profess to have a deep, personal relationship with? Think again! This book outlines how we view Jesus of Nazareth throughout history, and stories they did not reveal in the bible.

There is a certain anointing that leaps from the pages of his writing. Maybe it has nothing to do with the author, but the subject matter, when I read about Jesus, it is hard to not be changed. Reading this book, certain things about Jesus that we highlight--almost apart from the person of Jesus--jumped out in their clarity. Things like grace and faith--these are things we teach about as ideas and not something in connection to Jesus. But when I read this book, I saw these things flowing out of the person of Jesus' nature. I would probably go on and on, but in summary, this book is amazing.
9781948864329 If I had to describe this book in a single word, I might use pithy as an adjective. Eyerly is explicitly clear throughout the entirety of the book and does so in a way that is both full of beautiful explanation and at the same time, if I may say, concise. How he did it is a marvel, one that I doubt I'll ever comprehend.

The knowledge of history with possible insights makes it a wonderful book for me. What I most liked was the way the author connected age-old relationships with Jesus to me now. I felt connected to the people mentioned in the book. I felt like we had common dilemmas and that I too can look to Jesus and endure joy.

There is a LOT of time, energy, effort, and forethought put into compiling this book. Once read, it serves as a great reference book.

Highly recommend.

9781948864329 This is not a book of devotions or inspiration (and I imply no condescension toward those genres, having read many myself) but an intellectual history of theology, culture, and politics. Eyerly's command of the researcher is superb, even at the risk of gushing, awe-inspiring. I found myself making marginal notes all over the place to look up innumerable authors and texts whose work he cites, some famous and some I'd never heard of.

It's fascinating how so many can take the same source material, the Bible, and see different things in it. It's also humbling because I'm forced to realize my own beliefs about Jesus are not necessarily a pure doctrine delivered directly to me by the Holy Spirit, but teachings handed down by generations of scholars, philosophers, and teachers. And maybe even a prophet or two. This is a must-read for those interested in Jesus, which is why it's going on my shelf.


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