The Astral Codex: Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Knowledge By Belsebuub


Free download The Astral Codex: Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Knowledge

The Astral Codex is a comprehensive and enthralling guide by Belsebuub to what out-of-body experiences are, how to have them on a regular basis, what to see and do in the astral plane, and how it fits into the structure of life. It is a must have for anyone interested in astral travel.

From over twenty years of extensive experience in astral projection and spirituality, Belsebuub shows how to consciously harness and use the natural connection each of us have to other dimensions for our own personal growth and journey through eternity.

Discover how to remember your dreams, become lucid in them, understand their symbolic language, astral project using different techniques, and use astral travel to seek out incredible knowledge about existence beyond the five senses just as mystics have throughout time.

* 67 percent surveyed had an OBE in first two months
* Over fourteen tried and tested techniques
* In-depth analysis, tips, and programs

Based on the hugely popular online course by Belsebuub taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide

“Astral projection is a natural function of the human body—every night we go into the astral plane unconsciously in dreams; astral projecting is simply going there consciously (which is going there knowing that you are leaving your physical body). It happens spontaneously to around 10 percent of the population, but it’s possible to learn techniques to consciously be aware of the natural process of traveling out of the body into different dimensions, to learn to travel around the astral plane, and to seek out knowledge there on a regular basis.”
~ Belsebuub

The Astral Codex: Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Knowledge

This is the most helpful book on astral projection I’ve come across. There are many books out there that write on the subject but barely do so with such insight and detail. It’s often evident that they toss around the same ideas and theories. I found that, in this book, the author was providing me with tips to succeed in astral projecting that came from his past trials and errors and that he was passing on knowledge rather than mere theories. I can safely attribute the successful and life-changing experiences I’ve had with astral travel to this type of guidance. Besides the OBE aspects of the book, I was happy to find the many gems that touched upon spiritual growth and how to strive for it. A worthy read! 9780987314765 This new and updated edition of material originally appearing free online in 2001 and then in the book A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a most practical and efficient guide that one could ask for. In it, Belsebuub explains the step-by-step process that has taught me and apparently tens of thousands of others to learn how to astral travel.

Many techniques for the actual projection are given, as well as useful exercises that can be done during the day to increase one's chances of successfully projecting. It's truly amazing when you get it right and can verify all the things said about the astral for yourself. I am very thankful personally that this information has given me the opportunity to do just that...

If you're interested in learning how to astral project, then pick up this book and get ready to succeed! 9780987314765 This is the latest edition of a series of books on astral travel and lucid dreaming that Belsebuub has written. His first book I can say, along with his teachings on self-knowledge for the purpose of awakening, changed my life. If it's the first time you've come across his work and are open to spirituality (you must be if you're reading!) it could change yours. Having your own out-of-body experiences can be the proof you need to really pursue a spiritual path. But even if you do - the question always arises - what now? How can I use this for something more important? Is it just to fly around and see beautiful things? It's here that Belsebuub has a unique insight, and I'd say authority, to guide others in using these experiences for something profound.

Though there are less practical tips in this book, there is more encouragement to find your own intuitive feeling for astral practices, and this is something I've really appreciated and feel is a great way to begin. The basics of astral travel are simple - relaxation and concentration - OK, but the effective applying of them take time, but once these are understood it's that yearning and sense of discovery that is essential for keeping 'the magic alive'. I think this book does a lot to help ignite that, especially as Belsebuub has some incredible personal experiences to share - the one in the Pyramids is spine-tingling in its beauty.

So for those looking for more than a how-to manual, this is the book. But the website: is also full of articles, sound files and a place where like-minded people share their thoughts and experiences on spirituality. 9780987314765 This free eBook is the latest version of the author's series of books on out-of-body experiences (astral travel, astral projection). From the first one I read, I managed to have real, conscious OBEs, lucid and meaningful dreams, premonitions, and much more. So it works.

What this latest book brings is much more info related to OBEs such as self-knowledge. It is updated for the current day, and includes new topics such as the view science has of OBEs, and contacting ETs. 9780987314765 This book has been a proof for me that somebody with a deep knowledge of a subject can write about it with ease, clarity and simplicity that is impossible for someone who only has a partial understanding.

When I first came across this material some years ago, it was just what I needed to get me consciously into the astral plane. The other places online that I was searching lacked the depth and didn’t sufficiently explain the connection between astral projection and lucid dreams, or the connection between the happenings in the astral plane and our internal states/spiritual level. The book not only explains what’s needed for a successful AP to happen, but also how to use the astral journeys for self-knowledge, which is a prerequisite for having more meaningful and spiritual experiences.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find some new practices in the book (in comparison to the old version), like contacting extraterrestrials or an ancient practice of projecting to the stars.
I think the book is a must have for anyone trying to build his connection to the spiritual worlds in an objective and practical way. 9780987314765

Thanks to Belsebuub and this book, along with a class I took based on an earlier version of this book, I have successfully learned how to astral project. I am very grateful, not only for the techniques, but also for the distinction between dreams, lucid dreams and out of body experiences and how to best use them for my spiritual learning. 9780987314765 If you're interested in astral projection, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming or dreaming in general I think you'd really enjoy this book. It describes some very inspiring personal experiences of the author, and a number of techniques are given to try so that people can get their own experiences and don't just have to believe what they're reading! 9780987314765 I just read a fascinating section where Belsebuub describes an astral experience in which he did a meditation practice in an Egyptian temple. In this meditation practice, he sat before a bowl of water that reflected the starlight from a long vent shaft in the temple wall, such as the shafts in the pyramid, and contemplated the stars. It sounds like a beautiful practice, it would be really interesting to try this... 9780987314765 It's rather easy to find techniques with which to astral project and accounts of experiences on the astral plane, but I feel it's another thing to find a clear and comprehensive explanation of that dimension, how to learn to use it and what to do there to help your spiritual development, and what are the obstacles to that and how to overcome them. All of this is what The Astral Codex does.

Everything the author writes is from his personal experience and knowledge. He has learnt to astral project from scratch, he didn't have it as a natural ability. So he knows all about the common obstacles because he had to find a way to get through them. That's maybe one reason the book is so relatable and practical, and not theoretical in an abstract way. It's all about being able to apply it in your practice rather than read about it and forget it the next day.

For me the most helpful topic covered was the influence of the subconscious on dreams and astral experiences, explaining why they are sometimes vague, dark or garbled and how to clear them and understand them, how they are directly related to how we spend our days and what goes on in our psychology during any moment of the day. I think what's wonderful about it is how he explains that all unpleasant or negative states or experiences we have can be changed for the better and explains clearly how to do it. I've seen that it really works.

Most of all the book really clarifies that the astral plane is a deeply spiritual dimension and you can get spiritual guidance and knowledge from there and even potentially meet spiritual beings or go to spiritual places, and he explains how you could do it. For me this is amazing and unique information and absolutely worth reading. 9780987314765 Most highly recommended book in the field by far. It accurately explains the subject in detail, has really terrific questions and answers sections, gives practical tips and advice, personal experiences of the author etc. But really it goes beyond that, painting the whole picture of astral travel and what to use it for.

The book is great if you've had a particular experience and are looking for an explanation, or great for beginners or even if you've had tons of experiences already and want to take it a step further.

The writing is almost deceivingly simple and clear, but don't be fooled, the information given is profound. And reading it makes you want to practice it tonight :-)! 9780987314765