Art of WolfWalkers By Charles Solomon


a lavishly illustrated book Yahoo! EntertainmentThe Art of Wolfwalkers is an elaborate study by animation historian Charles Solomon, who likens the movie to the work of Disney's old masters.

SLATEIt's the next best thing to running away to the ancient Irish woods with your own wolf pack. Animation MagazineThe book, written by legendary animation historian Charles Solomon, is the perfect companion to the film and allows you to luxuriate in the artistry and craftsmanship of Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart's miraculous film. Collider

Art of WolfWalkers

beautiful artwork, really great coverage of the art of of the film 224 pages Heck yeah!! 224 pages An amazing book with wonderful information and the imagery of the process is wonderful high quality images. I highly recommend especially to understand the style better. 224 pages

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