The Art of Rebellion 2: The World of Urban Art Activism By Christian Hundertmark

The Art of Rebellion 2 features an up to the minute international survey of street art, spotlighting dozens of new and unknown protagonists alongside many well known and respected artists who have been at it for years. Since the publication of the first volume, there has been a surge in street art activity and a growing awareness of the art form in the public eye; this volume takes the reader on a lush visual journey through that artistic explosion and features tons of new work with original styles, techniques and intent. The book also presents a selection of the best exhibitions & collaborations between artists and apparel and fashion brands. Featured Artists include: Miss Van, Kid Acne, Faile, Blek le Rat, El Pussycat, Jon Burgerman, Heavyweight, L'Atlas, Zevs, DOMA, Erosie, Thundercut, Skewville, Derrick Hodgson, Koralie, Inkunstruction, Adam Neate, Darius & Downey, Dan Witz, Asbestos, Dave the Chimp and many others all brought to life through photos, interviews and quotes. The Art of Rebellion 2: The World of Urban Art Activism

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I stole this book from an urban outfitters... English This book is very interesting because it shows you different type of art and different type of meanings in it shows you different points of view in the arts. English
Good book, lots of artists profiled. Graffiti and Street Art together here. English