The Analogy Book of Related Words: Your Secret Shortcut to Power Writing By Selma Glasser

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I bought this because I'm an advertising copywriter always looking for tricks and reminders to make the work go faster (as opposed to merely rummaging around in my brain). Great topic, poor execution. A high school student could have put this together over spring break. I 9780918880239 Selma's book is a helpful tool for a serious writer. It goes well with the simile dictionary I recently got from . When I get stuck with a writing project and want to punch it up, jogging my memory and imagination with some appropriate comparisons or metaphors is 9780918880239 This is an excellent little resource for any writer that wants to keep their writing fresh and engaging. The categories are easily referenced and for me it was just what I always wanted, but didn't know it until I found it. 9780918880239 Wish there was excercises to increase knowledge base of word association 9780918880239 A very unique collection of analogies to use in writing. 9780918880239

good purchase, and service. 9780918880239 The copywriter who gave this book a one star review because it didn't do his work for him just doesn't grasp the value of this gem. I make my living as a creative writer and have treasured this book for years. In fact, just on a whim I thought I should order another and was 9780918880239 I'm a full time freelance copwriter, and find this book very useful. This ugly little blue guide is a gem in disguise. By helping us express concepts vividly, analogies represent shortcuts to power writing, as this author conveys. This book has special 9780918880239