The Alphas Rejected Heir By Icon_Brat101

Rosalyn Parker has been verbally abused by her mother for years and ignored by her father. Her brother was the only person who treated her with kindness. But, on the night of her 18th birthday when she got rejected by her mate ke'shaun Black the soon-to-be alpha of the howling moon pack after he mated with her. That was the last push she needed to leave, but she would soon find out that she was pregnant with the alpha's heir...

17 years after leaving her pack and family behind Rosalyn has made a life for herself and her son in Italy after joining pacchetto della luna del sangue (blood Moon pack). She had kept in contact with her brother seeing as he was the only person she considered family...Now she is faced with the horror of going back to the place that broke her after been invited to her brother's wedding. The Alphas Rejected Heir

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Overall, I would think this is a good read. The whole plot is pretty decent. I love the fact that it is a strong, independent female lead. I wish it finished off on a better note. It left me dangling, wondering about what would transpire next. Even I enjoy a good cliffhanger but I wish what would happen to the Heir about his own mate. Also, there are some grammar and editing to be done in the story. It is on Readict and the author is: Icon_brat101 English Definitely needed some editing towards the end Kashaun went to Deshuan but the story is good. Love the different perspectives from different characters. Looking forward to the sequel with this fun bunch. English DNF. The story seemed pretty good but there is a lot of work needed for spelling and grammar. Formatting could use some work. Unfortunately, all of the problems were too distracting and I couldn't finish the book. English They way a mate is rejected, in front of the whole pack, is just unforgiving. It's something a mate has to live with forever. To make matters worse, the Alpha mated with her, knowing he didn't want her. Such an ass****.
Then he finds out she has his heir, and wants her back. No way. She made her own life with her son and new mate. A great read.. English 3⭐️for story 2⭐️for editing. With editing, story has a lot of promise. It is unique in the genre. English

Unknown author on Readict. A good story line but needs some proof reading to fix type errors English Rediculous amount of repetition. There's no need for the same scene/convo's over and over from every single characters point of view. There are also too many horrible characters with no redeeming qualities at all and others were back and forth so much between supposedly feeling bad, then it's like they just decided screw it, and decided to just be the worst a-holes they could be, Keshaun as an example, started out showing a bit of conscience at the beginning and was back and forth, then just decided to go full psychopath at the end? Really? I feel like the writer must have just gotten bored with the story and hurried to finish it or something. All the Flashbacks put in when they weren't needed got old too. Very Soap-Opera, ending a chapter on a cliffhanger just to do a flashback at the beginning of the next chapter..... And if I see the word smelled written as smelt one more time I'm just going to give up on the literacy of these writers completely. Seeing the word constantly misspelled has become a serious pet peeve. The definition of smelt is: to extract (metal) from its ore by a process involving heating and melting..... It has absolutely NOTHING to do with a persons sense of smell. JFS... Now that I have all of that out of my system, I am still giving it 3 stars just because the story was interesting enough to keep me reading to the end even with all the annoyances... It has potential. It needs some serious work cutting out a lot of repetition and some work put into the end as it feels rushed. But there is an interesting story there. Had I had to unlock each chapter to read I would have lost interest, I didn't however as I found it on an app where it was completely free with the 3 day free trial. I doubt I will be keeping that app after the free trial though if I can't find any moderately decent stuff as its $20 a month after the 3 days. English Its really good. A lot of action and unbelievable moments. I enjoyed it very much. English So, I was put off after the first chapter BUT I stuck with it! Because writers don't just hatch and go tada! It takes time, experience and FEEDBACK!
The story was amazing, and while there was a lot of back and forth and a lot of grammar and spelling mishaps - which would of been fixed by an editor and beta readers - the story and characters were strong and compelling.
I think Amazon has done you an injustice publishing this as is, your reviews will reflect this, and I think you should maybe get this edited and fixed up, reformatted and done properly...and you could have an amazing series on your hands! The writing was descriptive, the words were concise and truly did bring emotion to parts of the story.
More research, editing and planning would make this a 5 star read from me. PLEASE PLEASE keep up the amazing work! You have a brilliant little storyline here.. English I've read and write the most horrible books but this one takes the cake to the point it can be rewarded the worst written werewolf book ever.
Things you will find:
- At first you feel sorry for the fmc and her son but after 5 chapters you start to hate them. They attack anyone who insults them even if it was the most lame insult ever and blame in on I couldn't control my wolf.
- Fmc and her son are unnecessarily overpowered
- Fmc was a wolf warrior and could defeat rouges I'm secs but leaves when her mate rejected her??? Strong fighting will < mate rejection. Yeah makes sense English