The Adventures of Kirk Rogers: Book Two (The Kirk Rogers Series 2) By C.J. Boyle


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Captain Rogers must stop a war and find a sleeping princess before finding any hope of returning home.

Several thousand years ago, the Newtonian people had to leave their dying planet in search of a suitable home. Most of the Newtonian people departed in a huge spaceship with wide open terrarium on the inside. They called this ship The Atlantis. Earthlings, however, called it The Moon.

Another race of the Newtonians left in a different ship. It was much smaller than the Atlantis but still large enough to carry half a million people. They left on this different ship, not because everyone couldn’t fit in the same ship, but because they believed they were superior to the Newtonians and no longer wanted to associate with them. Those wonderfully misguided people were called Brenians.

What do you suppose the chances are that Kirk and his friends would travel through a random wormhole and end up in the same galaxy as the Brenians? Four months into their journey home they crash land on a planet and soon find themselves caught up in a quest to wake a sleeping beauty from stasis in exchange for a replacement part for their ship. During their quest, Kirk is captured by the Brenian people only to escape with the prince’s fiancé.

Somehow, someway, our heroes must stop a war before they all end up dead. (PG13)

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Adventures Inside the Moon, The Kirk Rogers Series: Book One
An overconfident pilot with a stolen spaceship must fix an alien device before time runs out. The Adventures of Kirk Rogers: Book Two (The Kirk Rogers Series 2)

Another good read

I enjoyed this 2nd book as much as the 1st. Interesting characters and a good story. I liked the world building.
Looking forward to the next book. Kindle Edition Fun read

Mix a few classic science fiction stories together. Filter out the funny parts and combine in a story of their own. Chill serve and enjoy Kindle Edition Second and still going strong !

I loved the mention of Wednesday from the Adam’s family and pretty much every science fiction story from StarWars to Avatar and of course Star Trek which feels like the author favorite.

I swear, C. J. Boyle is truly amazing with her endless imagination, there is no stopping her with the beautiful plants, amazing beings, actions and unexpected twists.
Just impossible not to fall for her beautiful and amazing stories !!!

And now she even got tears from me, at first tears of sadness, then tears of joy and that from a science fiction comedy but what’s even worse is that there are two more books for this series which needs to be narrated as soon as possible and somehow for the awesome author C. J. Boyle to find me and let me finish reviewing the whole thing.

Russel Fournier has narrated each character perfectly which surly made him the perfect choice for creating this audiobook.

Without a doubt,
recommended by me for all !!!

Oded Ostfeld.

Kindle Edition