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Volume 2 of That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime picks up where volume 1 ended with our hero, RImuru Tempest trying to rebuild the Goblin village. While he's already combined the forces of the Goblin inhabitants, the Dire Wolves that he protected the Goblins from, and the quartet of Dwarves to his followers, new groups are in the offing.

Starting with an attack from a small band of Ogres, Rimuru steps in to save his subordinates. After defeating them, he discovers that these six Oni are all that survived an attack on their settlement by a large group of Orcs. Yes, it's the Orc story arc, and is about the alliances made during that war and the future of the Jura Forest.

There is an old adage that says, The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend. Rimuru does this with the Oni he first defeats. Then he works with them to exact revenge on the Orcs that destroyed their settlement. Not just a handful of Orcs, an army of 200,000 Orcs. To do this, Rimuru works with other sentient tribes within the forest, making temporary alliances with Dryads and Lizardmen, as well as his 500 Goblins, 100 Dire Wolves, and 6 Oni. (The Dwarves have taken on a support role in this tale)

Gobta, the comic relief of the story, gets promoted, and lives up to that promotion as he starts learning swordsmanship from the old Oni swordmaster.

Watching Rimuru in designing the new town (an upgrade from being a village) they already have a few buildings. Still, they mostly live in tents.

When the Orcs become a threat to the forest people one question is brought up: how do they supply their frontline battlers. Hint: you don't want to be eating when you read these sections.

Again, Fuse did a masterful job in telling the story, and knowing this is will be going on for a while (Volume 17 is about to be released in Japan, but only volume 8 has been translated and released) Even if you've read the manga or seen the anime, it's a great series and you should sit down and read it. FUSE The translation is missing a lot of the development and heart of the original novel. Plus often switching the names around erroneously causing confusion and key pieces missing. Makes it impossible to lose yourself in the story.

I bought all 4 volumes as I love the original and thought this would be a great way to support the author but had to force myself to finish this book and don't think I'll bother trying to trudge through volumes 3 & 4. Looks like its back to reading the original 249 chapters separately online.

While the original story is a 5 star gem, this translation is a 2 star max. FUSE First off, let me say that I rather like this novel series. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure in that it is merely comfortable, predictable fluff, but it's at the very least rather enjoyable fluff.

My problem with this edition is that the translator quite clearly isn't sufficiently proficient in the English language to write or translate a novel: frequent missteps in grammar and expression make this feel like the work of a moderately talented middle school child.

So all and all, the experiments bore a lot fruit than expected.

If I wanted to grab someone's head and immediately encase it in flames, it'd be possible (albeit a tad toasty).

I tried summoning some electricity between my thumb and pointer. An arc of bluish white energy danced between them.

You get the picture. FUSE I will say that one the best things about this series is how it tends to stray from the established stereotypes for the species that have been introduced so far. However, the greatest part of this book is with introduction of the mythical Orc Lord and how monstrous he's portrayed as, but from reading excerpt before chapter 1 tells the tale if his birth not through a truly malicious act, but one from the desire to help his species to survive. Truly the Orc Lord and even the newly evolved Ogre Mages took center stage as being very well written and built as characters. Also, while I understand what Rimuru was trying to do in order to keep those he has sworn to protect safe, it was a bit frustrating in that he needs to remember that he is in a world of fantasy and magic so the rules from his world won't apply in this world. FUSE While his book is in a fantasy setting, one of the main focuses in this book is without a doubt, the ogres. While in and of itself not a bad thing to focus on, all of them are heavily influenced by Japanese culture. From their occupations, weapons, and clothing, everything is distinctly Japanese. For me personally, this annoyed the living hell out of me, I want to read a fantasy book, not some a Japanese like variant. Aside from that, everything just seems to work out for the main protagonist. When trying on armor and clothes “everything fit perfectly and looked great on everyone”, when obtaining armor “the armor matched perfectly and doesn’t detract from the Japanese ogre fashion at all”. Even when fighting the main bad guy of this story, the MC literally uses the very essence of plot convenience to win.

Aside from all that, the world Fuze builds is still fantastic and interesting to get to know about, and while I personally won’t be picking up another chapter of this book. If you can past the stuff mentioned above, this series is for you. FUSE

37 year old Satoru Mikami got a new lease on life when he was reincarnated into another worldas a slime named Rimuru Tempest. But with the help of his wits, his newfound powers, and a little luck, hes started building a cross species village of goblins, direwolves, and dwarves! Rimuru doesnt know it yet, but his arrival is bringing major changes to his new world Description

Our favorite slime is building a nation where monsters and humans can live together in peace and harmony. Trouble is, some people can't be reasoned with. And Rimmuru and his friends will need to fight for the dream to become reality. Fascinating characters and event driven plot that has kept me reading long after I should go to sleep. FUSE I overall love the book, the story is awesome, they go into detail than the web novel, anime, and manga. Therefore the story is different but I like it a lot! The only complaint I have is the translation, there are parts that they talk about a character and suddenly they refer to it with another character's name which make is confusing, but I don't want to rate the book/story based on the translation when the story itself is pretty good. FUSE I just can't take this translation. Hated how the first volume turned out but bought this to see if it got better.

It didn't. I'll stick with the Japanese versions from now on. Glad it's being translated ahead of the anime still. FUSE You won’t regret it trust me. I binged it. I loved it. Rimuru isn’t my fav obviously but all the characters are reli likeable. FUSE really good book and worth getting to read if you want to know about the in deph details of the manga and anime FUSE

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