Terrie's Long, Hot Summer of Spanking By Bruce

Terrie was looking forward to a pleasant summer visiting with her college roommate’s family. She is shocked when she finds out that Norma Jean is still subject to parental punishments. She is even more shocked when she watches Norma have to hoist her skirts and lower her panties, and go over her father’s knees for a long, hard spanking for bad grades. Terrie is warned that she will be subject to the same rules and punishments.
Soon Terrie misbehaves and is ordered over to hoist her own skirts, drop her own underpants and bend across Mr. Addison’s knee for her own spanking. When she cannot bring herself to follow these humiliating orders, Mr. Addison is more than willing to assist her. She soon learns just how much a good sound spanking can hurt.
In the weeks to come, there are more spankings both for Norma Jean and Terrie, and they are present as as naughty neighbor girls, and a bank clerk are spanked in front of them. Terrie learns that Norma Jean’s brother, like other males in the town, is entrusted with the right to spank when deserved.
When the girls are discovered smoking, they are both ordered required to take their spankings in the backyard. After baring their bottoms, Norma Jean goes over her father’s knee while Terrie is ordered over Norma Jean’s brother’s knee for their punishment.
Eventually she realizes that this discipline really is for her own good. She makes plans to move to this town where the males are strong and protective, and the females are spanked as necessary. Terrie's Long, Hot Summer of Spanking

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