Teachers Pet By Jordan Silver

I enjoyed this taboo story. Drake is wise beyond his years in many ways. Drake took such good care of Lizzie and brought her out of her shell. There was a little bit of drama, but not really focused on. I liked that it showed the struggles that they went through to reach their HEA.
Fiction, Ebooks, Romance Bored me to death. It was practically one long monologue from each of the main characters perspective, meaning almost no dialogue at all. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance This was ok. Way over the top and I struggled with the heroine. She’s the teacher but she’s so shy, she barely talks in this whole book. Her character made it pretty hard to enjoy this. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance Review by Shon

Your typical student teacher romance with an older man who is more experience in love and sex and a young innocent 18 year old girl who still has her v-card. But this one has a twist the girl is the teacher and the student is the guy.

Spoiler warning!!!

This is the story of 18 year old student who seduces (fall in love with) his 23 years old female teacher who still has her v-card.

Thank u, next.

Definitely not the first book I should have read after coming out of a book slump.

Lesson learn. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance I thought the Hero was not a man-whore. But he is. And he's only 18.

His last girlfriend wannabe could probably tell them why he wasn't perfect. But thankfully he never seriously dated anyone locally. He wouldn't have known what to do with the line of broken hearts he left in his wake if he did.
Not because he was a bad guy or anything. He just hadn't met a girl that he wanted to get that serious with. Sex was one thing. He'd loved and enjoyed sex with anyone who offered, as long as he was interested from the age of fourteen.

Well, yes. Really golden boy here. And of course the Heroine is a 23 year old shy viring.

Not with me!!
Fiction, Ebooks, Romance


Sometimes the forbidden can be too hard to resist. Even for someone like me…
I never would’ve imagined that I could be that person. I’ve read the stories, and seen the fallout. And yet here I am, befallen by the same fate as those who tried and failed before me.
But has anyone ever felt this way about the forbidden lover?
Sure he was of age, but would the world even care, or will they, if found out, just see the teacher and the student….
She might be the teacher in class, but there’s no doubt who takes the lead in our bed.
I know she’s worried about us being caught, so I’ll do everything in my power to protect her, to keep anyone from knowing what we’ve come to mean to each other. But we’ve come too far to turn back. No matter what, no matter the risk, I won’t let her go.
Teachers Pet

Jordan Silver Ú 9 read & download

Well, to be honest, I read few books as bad as this one.

0.0000000000000000001 star

I was interested in it as I like the forbidden trope and also younger guy/older woman trope but this book was just a torturous experience I couldn't stand till the end.

It is written in dual point of view and each chapter is a long long monologue - the longest monologue you will ever see. There is either no dialogue in a chapter or the longest dialogue you can find will be only a few sentences.

I decided to DNF it around page 50 but out of curiosity, I scanned a bit further until page 100 to see if it goes on like that and it does!

And the storytelling is beyond awful.
Feels like a torture...
A punishment of some sort.

I can't tell you how badly it is written. I just have no words... Words can't tell how amateurish and how boring the storytelling is.

I read their first intimate scene and OMG, even it was as terrible as it goes.

Because there is not much dialogue, there is not enough connection or communication between the characters. And of course, there is no character development. I didn't feel any chemistry between the characters. Everything is ridiculous...

Also, why did the heroine have weird alien eyes?

Nope, nope... this must be a joke...
This book... is a joke!
Some people shouldn't write.
I am glad I didn't pay for it.

I just want to forget it all...

Fiction, Ebooks, Romance Too sexy?

Is that such a thing as too much sex in an erotica book? If there is, then this book is the perfect example. I just wished that the story was as detailed as all the sex scenes. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance Phew ......
Finally I finished this book.

The hero, 18, a jock and a very intelligent good boy. He is too good to be true.
The heroine, 23, appointed as their new teacher. She is borderline SHY. She have magic eyes which makes anyone crazy about her (?) , so she hides them in a transitional glasses.

Both are attracted to each other. The H pursues the h. She is very shy. She hardly speaks. They start this secretive relationship.

Another guy is harassing the h. One day he attacks her and the H catches him and then that guy is arrested.
The H then takes the h at her home.
They shower, they eat, they f*ck.
Again they shower, they f*ck, they sleep, they wake, they f*ck.
He goes home, he showers, they meet again, they f*ck.
They f*ck.
They f*ck.
And they f*ck.
It’s the same cycle going.

75% of book is them f*cking.
After a point I skipped the f*cking part.

There’s no ow drama. The H is not a manwhore. He is good decent boy.
The h is super dumb. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler-free way. Unfortunately, there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts. If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me know. Thank you.

So this was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be a romance an all, but I thought there would be a lot more focus on the taboo of a student and teacher relationship. Instead this went from a romance to a an erotica, to full-on smut. Not that I have an issue with any of those three genres but still. I was enjoying it up till about 30% in. Then it was nothing but constant sex. This is full-on adult-only here.

It wasn't just that it had so much sexual content. It was the language and words used to describe things that made it so very crass. But it was constant and it just got so boring. There was very little story development here. It would mention things like for the next two weeks I would switch between home and her house. But that was the extent of story development. There was even an antagonist that I thought just ended so anti-climatically.

The characters were underdeveloped too I thought. Lizzie is basically a 23-year-old child, who puts everything on the line for an actual child that she just met. Drake is a selfish and controlling typical jock teen who the book claims is wise for his years. But just cause its written down doesn't change that he made seriously bad and immature choices. Not ones you would expect from someone with a good head on their shoulders. And his parents and grandparents did not react to things realistically.

Well now that I'm done ranting and raving. I should explain the extra star on this rating. The book was easy to read and follow and the first 30% was good. So I didn't hate it, and I didn't think it deserved a 1-star rating. However I don't think I will be reading anymore books by this author. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance First book that I read by this author and I was extremely disappointed...
And I shouldn't have happened because I usually love forbidden romance between younger men and older women- especially when the woman is the submissive type and the man is the one who does not leave her alone until she yields.
Anyway, I found the book very boring. Fiction, Ebooks, Romance