Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) By Hermann Weyl

The only feasible way to read the Kindle version is on a computer. The file won't load on a regular e book. It will load on an iPhone, but, because the text doesn't flow, this doesn't help geezers. I suppose a tablet work best. Otherwise, you have to sit at a desk, or else Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) Mathematical treatise on symmetry. A tour of the notion of symmetry throughout the math, sciences and life in general. Include in depth mathematical ideas of symmetry while catering to the lay audience. Self sufficient but for the curious math is helpful. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) Very well written introductory book to symmetry group theory notionsconcise and thought provoking lacking some modern notions and strong mathematical deductionsCan be read from high scool studentsan easy pace book ideal for a first contact with the subject Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) The book is very boring. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) The classical book written by Weyl! Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47)

Symmetry is a classic study of symmetry in mathematics, the sciences, nature, and art from one of the twentieth century's greatest mathematicians. Hermann Weyl explores the concept of symmetry beginning with the idea that it represents a harmony of proportions, and gradually departs to examine its abstract varieties and manifestations―as bilateral, translatory, rotational, ornamental, and crystallographic. Weyl investigates the general abstract mathematical idea underlying all these special forms, using a wealth of illustrations as support. Symmetry is a work of seminal relevance that explores the great variety of applications and importance of symmetry. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47)

Ordered a new printing of the book to give as a gift. Received old edition, used. in poor shape.Complained. Got refund. Still looking for new edition. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) Arrived promptly, was as described. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) This is a tough read for an amateur, but still worth the effort. Fractal Geometry is cutting edge stuff that exposes the connections between nature and math. Well written. Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) Uso numa pesquisa sobre transformações geométricas Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47) The profound landmark book on symmetry takes the reader on an exciting and fascinating journey through the world of symmetry to convey how essential this simple, beautiful principle is in all areas of reality. EXCELLENT, GREAT READ! Symmetry (Princeton Science Library, 47)

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