Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) By J.A. Huss

Well hello J.A. Huss!! I thought after Pretty Thing (which made me cry), that Sweet Thing would be.....well sweet. It WAS sweet....but in a totally different way than I expected. If you think you are getting a sweet romance, you have another think coming. Totally Taboo, totally hot, totally steamy and totally my kind of read. Ryker has a few years on Aria, but he likes the young ones...this situation has the ability to go completely sideways and it really does but as always, JA has the ability to draw you into whatever story she writes and these fun, wonderfully dirty stories are doing it for me in a HUGE way. Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) Well hello holy hotness..... these books may be quicker, sweeter reads but they still have everything that will grab your attention and pull you in to a world you won't want to leave! This book was freaking AH-MAZE-ING I couldn't put it down, in fact, I finished it within hours I was so intrigued with this Taboo storyline. Aria is the sweet teenage young woman that grabs the attention of one Ryker North.... older man with a desire for younger women. What happens when you crave the one person you shouldn't, the one person you should never touch? You touch and take because there is no other that makes you want, feel and crave that way! This book was sexy, sweet, hot as hell and absolutely PERFECT! Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) I was given this ARC as an honest read for an honest review. Let me say again, JA Huss never ever disappoints you!!! I loved Ryder and Aria's story.
Ryder is an older guy in his mid thirties. Aria is just turning eighteen and hasn't graduated from high school yet. Ryder meets Aria when she's filling in for her sister, April. Ryder has no idea how old she is only that he wants one night with her.
When Ryder sees Aria on her birthday things heat up and start changing fast. He can't under the attraction pull she has on him. He can't stay away. They finally decided to see where things go and they are going great in every sense. He's showing her new awakening, until one day her parents walk in just after they get done. Can we say things hit the fans and tempers rise. Can these two overcome age difference, family disapproval, and past history to find there futures?? Read now to find out!!! Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) This was just a bit taboo and a lot a Fairytale, but I loved it. Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) DNF chp. 8
Being a huge fan of J.A. Huss' work, I'm totally surprised I didn't like this book. Age-gap, taboo, kinky, sweet (gasps), what's not to love for me?
The storyline didn't bring the edge and the thrill I love, and expect, in a Huss book.
The characters bored me, Aria's innocence, the way she expresses herself and acts had nothing sexy, I definitely can't relate to such a flat personality. Ryker didn't pique my curiosity either. We don't know much about his personality, the main part being he is attracted to young girls, Which seemed downright creepy.
The attraction between them felt wrong, and not in a good way.
I seem to have missed the point of the book. On paper it had everything I could have enjoyed. I own the other books of the series, I need to give them a try, I'm curious.... Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2)

I knew how old she was.
I just didn’t care.

Aria Amherst lied about her age the first night we met.
But when I kissed her… I knew exactly how old she was.
And once I kissed her… I needed more.
I wanted all of her. I wanted everything she wasn’t really offering.
Until I found out that her father was making a deal with my business partner.
Then I wanted her more.

Ryker North blew into my life like a wall of hot, tattooed muscle.
And did I mention he’s a drummer?
And a businessman?
And thirty-five years old?
And my father is going to kill me when he finds out I’m dating his new client?
It’s… complicated.
But take my word on this. He’s worth every risk I’m taking. Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2)

I listened to this book on Audible!
This is a a funny, sweet and very sexy book. Older man younger woman. Such a fun 🎧, in the beginning of the storyline I cracked up at how awkwardly cute Aria was. Ryker, just his name is Hott 🔥 They met at her sisters apartment building. They were attracted to each other, but there were many factors working against them. I really enjoyed this book and the narrators were amazing.
But, Ryker is so special, he’s had it hard! Please read or listen to this book ❤️💗🔥 Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) Sweet Thing was a quick read with a fast paced plot. An insta sort of love with a older man (35) and a younger woman (just turned 18).
Aria is taking over her sister's condo while she is on spring break when she runs into the hot drummer, Ryker. Not only is he a former drummer using a co-op space to play his drums, but he is a successful business man that just so happens to be in business with Aria's father. Seriously, this seems doomed from the get go. But you never know.....
This story was just all right for me. It was told in dual POV from both Aria and Ryker.. I didn't really connect with either of the characters. Aria seemed like a dorky yet sexy, naive yet business-smart woman that didn't know what she wanted, until she did. Perhaps you can see what I'm getting at. Then Ryker is all about just getting in the pants of the sexy girl next door. But he changes his tune pretty darn fast. And when he does change his mind, he's all in. I have to say, I may have enjoyed him a little more than her, but overall both characters were just ok. Perhaps it was because the story was so fast paced and to the point. It WAS a sexy read with plenty of those type of scenes, so if you're looking for that, you won't be disappointed.
I would give Sweet Thing a 3.5 stars simply because the writing is good and I got the idea of the story well enough, just wish the characters were fleshed out more. Guess with a fast read you don't really get that as much, but I saw the potential there.
This would be perfect for someone that is looking for a quick read that is sweet and HOT with a major dose of age gap romance. Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) Oh this was a sweet read. I swooned just a little, then I hugged my teenager and let her know when she goes off to college and comes home with a whole ass grown man I would kill her. Lol.

This book was mid length, too the point, filled with sexy times. It just all worked together and I enjoyed reading it. Try it. Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) Hot damn. I love a good older man/barely legal girl book and This Is It. Aria is all sweet and innocent with a side of naughty and Ryker is all business during the day and sweaty tattooed bad boy at night. This fun dirty read has a tender side too. What more could you ask for!! Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2) I am totally enjoying these dirty little treats from J.A. Huss with Sweet Thing the latest to titillate me in the very best way! We have one very sexy, tattooed businessman in the 35 year-old Ryker North and the innocent, freshly 18 year-old sweet thing that is Aria Amherst. There is an immediate heat between them right from the start and it's one wild ride going forward. Although Ryker starts off as a bit of a pompous arse with a penchant for young women, Aria's sweetness changes him quickly, wanting to leave his manwhore ways behind. The juxtaposition of her innocence to his worldly ways was intense and yet had a tenderness that was unexpected by both of them.

I loved that Ryker seemingly found his forever when he wasn't looking and treated Aria and her inexperience in a touching way that even surprised him. The added complexity that he was doing business with her father added a complication that clearly set the course for a presumed disaster. Therefore, I wasn't sure they could really make this work, thinking Ryker would just move on after taking what he wanted from Aria. But they have a real burgeoning love that is enhanced by extremely erotic trysts that had me very overheated and happily so.

J.A. Huss has the magic touch when it comes to exploring the taboo side to romance since she manages to make it palatable each and every time. I look forward to more of these arousing good reads, hopeful we hear more from Ozzy and April and gladly give Sweet Thing 4 big stars! Sweet Thing (Naughty Things, #2)

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