Street Children By Anthony Robinson


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This sensitive portrayal tells the real-life stories of six courageous children and their families who live and work on the streets in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Guatemala.ÿ These resourceful, resilient and optimistic children and families talk about their pasts, their present lives and their hopes for the future.

With colour photographs by the author, and illustrations, these poignant stories come from the author of the ground-breaking Refugee Diary series.

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These heartbreaking stories of resilient street children in Africa and South America will leave readers with an awareness and understanding of the global problem of homeless children and a deeper appreciation for what they have. 1847804349 This nonfiction book gives a deep insight into the culture that is homelessness. The chidren in this book are of juvenile ages and they are living the life that of homeless children. Being that they are going through this circumstance for different reasons, they tell of some of the harsh realities that plummeted them into this lifestyle
I like that this book is not illustrated in cartoon images and that the images are real images. That sends the message that these are real things that are happening and it gives an urge or seriousness to the situation. the images, although more like photographs, are relatable and brings many questions to mind. I think that this book will spark lots of questions and scenarios from children. I like that the cover is a picture but it looks to be animated and i think that this will draw readers to the book. This book shows that a person doesn't just begin life this way. It shows that life happens. 1847804349 Interesting concept, and definitely one that needs to be discussed with children of the appropriate age. However, the title claims these are stories of children across the world, and only three or four countries in two continents are represented. 1847804349 This is a sad but hopeful book. Kids who read this might be shocked by the tough living conditions experienced by children their age, both in other countries and here in the USA. 1847804349 Why are there not more books such as this one? This import from Great Britain highlights the lives of six children ranging in age from nine to twelve or thirteen and two families. All six of the children have spent part of their lives living or working on the streets of Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Guatemala. One of the families has managed to leave the streets behind them while the other one is still struggling. The simple text, photographs, and illustrations show how hopeful the children remain. Although some have big aspirations, for others, all they long for is a family and a place of their own. It's clear that friendships formed on the streets make strong alliances, and it's also obvious that this book shows off the faces of children who might otherwise remain unnoticed. Filled with a sense of acceptance, the stories are brief but absent of pity. Once someone has read this book and seen these children and adults, it's almost impossible to forget them. 1847804349