Strange Victoriana: Tales of the Curious, the Weird and the Uncanny from Our Victoriana Ancestors By

I've always been interested in reading books about human Oddities. I like referring to them as very special people. The books that I owned from years ago talk about people with unusual disabilities but achieve many great things through their lives. I guess the title was misleading for me because this book is very boring and it's nothing like the ones that I have. I’d expected this book to have thorough stories, but most are presented just as police reports and illustrations. Not as intriguing as I very much hoped. It was a waste of money. Always a pleasure to read another Jan Bondeson book. Beautiful book, nicely bound. It took me a while to cave and finally purchase this book. I rely on the Look at me option frequently because I like to know what I am getting.
I have a lot of Jan Bondeson book and some of them bore me to tears so without a preview, I was not sure how this would pan out.
I was buying a signed book on another site and needed to get another for free shipping so figured, Ah, what the heck and bought the paperback.
Unlike some of his other books, it is not printed on glossy paper, just a regular ole paper.
It is basically a collection of news articles which Jan is re telling in story form but has some good historical info thrown in.
What I appreciated most about the book is that it is chock (chock!) full of illustrations so while the words are not in the nineteenth century prose, the illustrations are which make for a nice balance.
I can never read Jan Bondeson's books all in one sitting, they get a bit tiresome for me so this book is nice in that I can read a few stories, put it down for another book and pick it up later. The number of topics discussed in this book is truly astounding! All cases were featured in the Illustrated Police News during the Victorian era. In this book we read about medical freaks, ghosts, various animals, strange performers, crime and mystery and much, much . Once each case is presented, the author often provides various comments as to how likely the recounted events actually happened.

I’ve read a number of books by this author and have never been disappointed. His prose is clear, articulate, friendly, lively and quite captivating. His choice of words is often priceless and very witty which made this book most pleasant to read. This book can be enjoyed by anyone but especially those with a passion for Victorian mysteries.

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A very interesting read, the stories come from the Illustrated Police news. Down side the pitures are also copies from the IPN, and can be a bit small. As a lover of the Victorian era myself, Mr. Bondeson certainly has a thing about it. I loved this selection from the IPN (& you thought some of today's papers were crazy). I already have a few texts regarding the Freak shows, so some of those mentioned weren't a surprise, but most of the rest was most amusing. Well Done Mr Bondeson another fine text. Typically Victorian , ideas, now we know better Very interesting book, but the book itself is cheep and flimsy, the cover is also printed on slightly off. Wierd but compulsive reading. Quite a novelty /intreguing read. Taken with a pinch of salt.

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