Storms of Controversy: The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed By

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He was really happy. Used, but book in perfect condition! Thanks. Plus prompt delivery. Paperback After 50 years at last ! It was time that we know what did happen before, during and after that historic BLACK FRIDAY ! One of the most infamous technological steals in human history. And a look back in times shows that USA and many other countries ( East and West ) came up with super jet fighters and interceptors strangely quite similar to the Arrow. Coincidence ???

Captain Marc Fortier Paperback My father was an Engineer with Air Force Headquarters, working on the Arrow, back in the fifties. He died a few years back. I consider this book to be a good record and report of what my father experienced with the Arrow. I see him when I am reading this book. This project was both a triumph and a tragedy. A triumph for the technological hurdles that were overcome by the designers, and a tragedy for how the political masters of the day crucified the Arrow. A lesson should be learned to commit to excellence with sacrifice in Canada's Engineering community today, trying to put aside political differences. Paperback Purchased as a replacement copy for my father. Paperback Well researched and written. Looking back, I hadn't realized that Canada was between U.S.A. and Russia. Paperback

The development of the Avro Arrow was a remarkable Canadian achievement. Its mysterious cancellation in February 1959 prompted questions that have long gone unanswered. What role did the Central Intelligence Agency play in the scrapping of the project? Who in Canada’s government was involved in that decision? What, if anything, did Canada get in return? Who ordered the blowtorching of all the prototypes? And did Arrow technology find its way into the American Stealth fighter/bomber program? When Storms of Controversy was first published in 1992, its answers to these questions sent a shock wave across the country. Using never before released documents, the book exploded the myth that design flaws, cost overruns, or obsolescence had triggered the demise of the Arrow. Now, in this fully revised fourth edition, complete with two new appendices, the bestselling book brings readers up to date on the CF 105 Arrow, the most innovative, sophisticated aircraft the world had seen by the end of the 1950s. Storms of Controversy: The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed


Great book Paperback Excellent insights on the controversy. Paperback Very happy with my purchase. Paperback Campagna worked for the Department of National Defence in Canada. As such he knows how the government operates when it comes to embarrassing information, and he also knows where much of it is stored.
Apparently he came to the conclusion that the Americans were behind much of the intrique that went on and in the end killed not only the Arrow program, but also the company itself! He does an excellent job of bringing forward documents which really demonstrate the undercurrent of intrigue, deceipt and cover up that surrounded this program.
Campagna also includes a fair amount of information to demonstrate how first class the Avro products and engineering etc. really was. At the same time he allows the politicians to demonstrate their ignorance, wrong headedness, and in fact manifest dishonesty over the program by direct quotations. The existence of a hidden agenda emerges yet Campagna restrains himself, for the most part, on speculation.
All in all an excellent effort. This book broke alot of ground and goes some distance towards pointing out what Canada lost on February 20th 1959.
If I have one criticism of the work, it is this: there isn't very much context about the aircraft being designed elsewhere, and about the industry and Cold War in general. I think this kind of context would have better demonstrated the Avro story in terms of its value to Canada and the West as a whole. Paperback Good book Paperback