Stock Trading & Investing Using Volume Price Analysis: Over 200 worked examples By

In this book of over 200 worked examples for stock traders and investors, you will discover an approach that was used by the iconic traders of the past to build their vast fortunes. Traders such as Jesse Liver, Richard Wyckoff and Richard Ney all succeeded because they understood the power of the tape which delivered just two key pieces of information, namely volume and price, and from which they were able to anticipate where the market was going next. This approach was also codified by Richard Wyckoff into three principle laws, and forms the basis of volume price analysis. It is a powerful methodology that can be applied to all markets, instruments and timeframes regardless of whether you are an investor, trader or speculator. The examples presented in this book are drawn primarily from US stock markets, but also includes examples taken from the futures markets, such as indices, commodities, currency futures and bonds. Each chart example is fully annotated to illustrate and highlight key points in the associated text, and together provide a detailed and comprehensive study of the volume price relationship, and giving clear signals as to where the stock is going next.And regardless of whether you are selecting stocks for growth, dividend yield, option strategies, or for speculative day trading, volume price analysis will highlight which ones to buy or sell, and when. Stock Trading & Investing Using Volume Price Analysis: Over 200 worked examples Í 3 review

Let me be clear. Anna's first book is worth it's weight in gold. Lot's of great takeaways on VPA and it's application in trading. Be that as it may, the review here is about the second book on the same subject. This book unfortunately is nothing than a continuation of the second; and quite honestly, should've been part of the first book as what's in here is nothing than examples illustrating her methods. The issue with this book is that it's poorly organized with 1. a very odd layout of time frames and 2. subjective examples (imo). I think if you've already read book 1, you probably could do without this one, but if your simply curious I still do think it's worth it's current price tag. I think I was expecting a lot from Anna as she seems to be great trader. English You really need to get the first book (which I did prior to purchase this one) otherwise it will make little sense. The charts are thankfully larger than her first book. Most of the charts are monthly and weekly timeframe but the logic and concept would apply on smaller timeframe with the exception the earnings may break the pattern which I find the author is sometimes dismissing. Perhaps it is why most charts are on a higher timeframe than daily. English Love this book. Examples. Examples. EXAMPLES!!!

This book is full of outstanding examples that made Volume Price Analysis really understandable for me. I had read her first book, but could not easily translate VPA theory into consistent chart reading. The examples with good explanations in this second book changed all of that. And, of course, applied study of those examples.

I can say that sometimes I found myself disagreeing with or not understanding her explanation. But, as I went through the example a few times, I would finally see how the explanation fit. Kind of like how I got through calculus and above as well as physics: work problems (examples). Then repeat (and repeat) until learned.

By the way, KUDOS for the best use of a Kindle. I read on my iPad mostly and sometimes on my computer. Whatever technique was used on this 2nd book to make the charts easily zoom, do like this. I can zoom the charts easily.

Also, I am happy that I bought both of Ms. Coulings books on Volume Price Analysis. The first one explains it very well, but for me at least too much theory and not enough examples for me to fully get the subject. Again, back to how I learned math and physics: a little theory, then lots of hands on study of problems/examples. This second book works well with my learning style. English One of the three must must reads on Volume Analysis. probably the best read on Volume analysis and the easiest.This book will teach you how to identify Supply and Demand. Thus telling you when to get into an investment and when to get out, also when to stay in an investment and when to go short. This a great Book for investors but the content is a lot better for those who actively trade the markets. English This book was absolutely disappointing. I was so excited to receive it and begin learning all the things about volume analysis.

You get about 5 pages of explanation, with gaping holes in what is an attempt at educating someone about this topic, then the rest of the book is worked examples. Fantastic. Examples have their place in learning, but it is the ENTIRE book. Just go to You Tube and watch somebody explain their trades. If you are new to volume and price action analysis, I would not recommend this book. English

I brought this book for myself a year or so agoIt has become one part of my daily trading plan. This time I brought the book for someone who seem to have an interest in trading”pay it forward” English This book is very disappointing. I read A Complete Guide to VPA by the same author and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was expecting of the same here. Unfortunately however this book is a collection of presentation slides which have been thrown together with some lazy commentary in order to sell a few books. Plus the majority of examples are on weekly and monthly charts and very similar in nature. A little effort in the commentary and variation in charts would have gone a long way. Having said that there is not a great deal out there on volume analysis so it may be better than nothing if this is your subject. English This book gives you an insight on how the stock and commodity markets really work. It answers the how's and why's stocks move the way they do. English This book made me really look at what I was seeing on the chart in a whole new light. She really does a good job of explaining how volume with price can help to understand future market direction. Accumulation and Distribution aren't anything new but I really like the way she explains it. This book will help you trade better. English This is one of the best books I've ever bought! I strongly recommend it. English