StatNote: Dot Phrases to Expedite Your Medical Documentation.: Primary Care Phrase Library. 1000+ Boilerplate Templates. By Gerardo Guerra Bonilla MD

Free read StatNote: Dot Phrases to Expedite Your Medical Documentation.: Primary Care Phrase Library. 1000+ Boilerplate Templates.

Are you tired of eating lunch at your desk and staying after hours or working from home to complete your progress notes? Documentation is the main cause of physician burnout. Discover a simple fix to take back control of your time in the clinic and enjoy practicing medicine.Document at the speed of light with KISS dot phrases @ statnote.comAs a primary care physician, you know that completing clinic notes while you’re treating many patients is time consuming and challenging. That’s why StatNote, a library of than 1,000 medical templates, was created for you. It reduces busy work and enables you to focus on the most important part of the office visit: your patient.Capture the essentials of the visit with minimal effort with our KISS dot phrases. Dr. Bonilla, a medical documentation ninja, crafted simple and useful dot phrases that will make you efficient and productive. StatNote’s dot phrases will help you: Efficiently document office visits and common procedures. Manage your inbox. Automate your patient messages and communicate lab and imaging results (includes Spanish templates). Easily retrieve common E&M and CPT codes used for billing.Buy StatNote today to bring back the joy to your practice!This book familiarizes you with all the available boilerplate templates. An electronic version can be purchased at and used with a text expander in any EHR system.Check out our 30 day FREE trial of StatNote TextExpander @ statnote.comComplete your notes in any EHR.Free to sign up. Free to use.Primary Care Dot PhrasesIn this book you will find dot phrases for all primary care specialties. Family Medicine & Internal Medicine dot phrases include templates for annual physicals and wellness visits. We also have dot phrases for Pediatrics and OBGYN. With templates for well woman & well child checks or sports physicals. Urgent Care dot phrases?, we have them.Dot phrases for procedures used in Sports Medicine and many templates for common procedures in Primary Care also included.Behavioral Health? We have psychiatry dot phrases too. We even have dot phrases for hospitalists and inpatient care.You will find thousands of dot phrases for the most common conditions encountered in primary care.Foreword[Dr. Bonilla] is always on the forefront of trying to help the family doctor become efficient when handling electronic health records. This compilation of dot phrases is another example of his hard work, dedication and desire to help us have work life balance Pamela Davis, MD, Program Director, Dignity Health Family Medicine Residency at Northridge (affiliated with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA)AboutStatNote is creating tools to expedite medical documentation to bring back the joy of seeing patients and increase revenue. Can you write your progress note in less than 1 min? Find at statnote.comExcerptthe no touch examGeneral: No acute distress. Awake and conversant.
Eyes: Normal conjunctiva, anicteric. Round symmetric pupils.
ENT: Hearing grossly intact. No nasal discharge.
Neck: Neck is supple. No masses or thyromegaly.
Respiratory: Respirations are non labored. No wheezing.
Skin: Warm. No rashes or ulcers.
Psych: Alert and oriented. Cooperative, Appropriate mood and affect, Normal judgment.
CV: No lower extremity edema.
MSK: Normal ambulation. No clubbing or cyanosis.
Neuro: Sensation and CN II XII grossly normal.(everything documented can be gathered from entering the room, saying hi to the patient and shaking his or her hand.) This template covers nine organ system or elements required to be documented for billing purposes. StatNote: Dot Phrases to Expedite Your Medical Documentation.: Primary Care Phrase Library. 1000+ Boilerplate Templates.

Although I may find a way to use the phrases from this in procedures and standard text, I was hoping for something different. Not the author's fault at all. 340 pages I was looking for when I made this purchase. I love the concept but I was hoping for slightly detailed notes that indicated areas that should be addressed in notes. Not that these are inappropriate, and not that it is the author's problem. This is an excellent 340 pages This book is full of basic points to cover for specific assessments and diagnosis. It's a good place to start if you are a brand new provider. I wanted something to help streamline my charting. I found the index to be less than helpful as the key words are 340 pages Immensely helpful for concise medical charting. I have used this text to develop 100’s of my own templates for documenting patient care. I am so grateful to the author as I would be somewhat lost in our EMR without this book! I have no doubt that the time spent with this 340 pages New nurse practitioner and recommend for other new graduates. Excellent resource! 340 pages

Not helpful 340 pages great templates, simple, quick concise boilerplate templates good for new grad APP and students Makes charting quick and easy 340 pages I bought it thinking it would help with Epic charting and tasks, but it has nothing useful in it. They really should provide a sample page or two so you can see what’s actually in it before wasting your money. 340 pages