Stargrave: Quarantine 37 By Joseph A. McCullough


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The first supplement for Stargrave, the science fiction wargame from award winning designer Joseph A. McCullough , introducing new scenarios, soldiers, technology and aliens to the ravaged galaxy.

At the time of its commission, Imperial Research Station 37 held nearly ten thousand scientist and researchers working on a vast array of biological and chemical projects. Then, six months before the outbreak of the war, Station 37 went dark. There were no distress messages; no escape pods were launched. Only a solitary, repeating broadcast filled the silence. This station is under quarantine. Do not approach. When the Endwar came, the station was forgotten, left to drift lifelessly in its empty system. Now, with the war over, and the Free Traders roaming the ruins, the station has been rediscovered. Although the station must clearly be approached with caution, the technology it contains is worth many fortunes…

Quarantine 37 is a supplement for Stargrave, in which the players lead their team of Free Traders into an abandoned space station, looking for lost technology as well as potentially unique research and experiments. Unfortunately, a few of those experiments have escaped and still roam the tight, dark confines of the station. Along with a host of new scenarios, this book also contains new technology, soldiers, aliens, and ship options for the players to upgrade their forces. Stargrave: Quarantine 37

Great addition to the core Stargrave. Joseph A. McCullough Expande el mundo y te da más opciones de personalizar a tu banda además de nuevas misiones que cumplir Joseph A. McCullough Full disclaimer, I love Mr. Mculloughs' stuff. There, I said it.This book is full of what you would expect if you have the core rulebook. Some repetitive photos, some nice new artwork.The two new classes don't really grab me, but I'll hold off on full judgement until I try them out.Aside from that, we've got bugs 'n' zombies added to the bestiary, and some scenarios to use said bugs 'n' zombies.And that's pretty much it? Not saying it's a bad thing, and I'm happy I bought it, but TBH, I wouldn't say the book is a must have for a Stargrave fan.That said. if you, like me, enjoy complete sets of books for the games you love you'll buy it and you'll be happy with it (and I'm pretty sure Osprey is banking on gamers that do this exact thing), I just expected meat, I guess. Joseph A. McCullough Well written, well laid out, well created guide to expanding the Universe of Stargrave, Reasonably priced, great photography and desirable layout. Joseph A. McCullough Really Fantastic! Joseph A. McCullough