Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #40 By Robbie Thompson

The mean streets of New Jersey. The Savage Land. The Wide World of Personal Grooming (we hope). Spider-Man and Deadpool have taken their developmentally young LMD ward, Master Matrix, to wondrous places, but now their journey as a family is coming to an end. To whence from here, Master Matrix? Are you cured at last of your anti-human ideations? And can Spidey and DP’s friendship survive empty-nester syndrome? Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #40

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Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #40 *wiping away my tears* Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #40 It was ok.

Fun at times.

I'm done with this Master Matrix kid.. like.. yeah.. I've had enough. It's getting really old real fast. Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) #40


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