Sorta Seized By The Alien (Marauder Mates, #1) By Athena Storm

A sci-fi romance with plenty of adventure. Gurtal is a very large and handsome Vakutan male. He has lives in the shadow of his deceased brother and wants to show his father there is more to him. When a dangerous mission comes along he jumps in head first. Xana is a human female that has been sent to a prison planet. Her identification was swapped and instead of becoming a companion for a brilliant scientist she now has to survive. The story has adventure, danger, romance and has a little heat. Add in a few twists and you have a great adventure with a happily ever after. 218 A good story

This I a a good story with an interesting plot. What is a trained Companion to do when she finds herself on a prison planet with the wrong identity? What does the son of a general do to get his father's attention? There are a few grammar errors but they do not hurt the story. Enjoy the read. 218 Vakutan warrior Gurtal was sidelined by his general father to work as a bodyguard for a scientist. Then friend Vera asks him to go on an urgent mission to rescue the beautiful companion Xana from a prison planet. There's no real choice and he immediately agrees. Going undercover, sneaking in to grab her, and then falling for her instantly - then he hits a major complication - she doesn't want to leave. However, he really needs to get out quickly before the Alliance and his father both found out where he is but there are some nasty bad guys who seem hell-bent on stopping him from leaving. So he has no choice but to become the hero he was always meant to be!

This was a fun read that definitely had Gurtal come into his own and reach his true level of ability as he found, fought for and battled to save Xana. I loved the way she was a calm influence in their relationship and it was enlightening to imagine that a companion was not just a high-class prostitute but someone well educated, well rounded and eminently sensible. I loved the relationship between them and the fact that they got the result that they needed. Easy to read and understand. Contains explicit sexual content. 218 Love It

Companions always land on their feet with a hunky alien! I just loved the characters in this book. The action is comical at times and the dialogue is as well. There is a lot of steamy scenes but nothing distasteful. I look forward to reading more books by Athena Storm! 218 Adorable!

I was hesitant to read this book since usually a story under 200 pages moves to fast and is not able to really into the characters or plot but man was I wrong with this one! The characters were just so adorable and the way they made it so the hero had his own (cute or human) flaws made me love it more. There was insta attraction but the love was built and the plot I loved. It was funny as well. I will definitely be reading more from this author. 218

I am Gurtal and I’m a dreaded Vakutan warrior…and I am collecting dust.

So what if I can kill countless fearsome Odex soldiers with my bare hands?
My dad, the General, sidelined me as a bodyguard to a scientist.
My friend Vera wants me to go on an urgent mission.

Rescue a beautiful human Companion named Xana from a prison planet.

An adventure to save the pretty girl who’s sure to be very, very grateful?
Or waste away on a boring task I’m overly qualified for?
Is there even a choice here?

I’ll have to go undercover, sneak in, grab her, and get out.
Well…I find Xana alright. I fall for the gorgeous woman instantly.
Mine, mine, mine, MINE.
Just one problem.

She doesn’t want to leave.

I need to get off this rock before my father and the Alliance discovers I’ve skipped out.
But there are some pretty nasty bad guys rankled by the rescue and now after us, and no way am I leaving this captivating human woman on this rock. There’s only one thing to do in this situation.

Be the hero that I always knew I could be.
Whether she likes it or not…

Sorta Seized by the Alien is the first book in the Marauder Mates science fiction romance series within the wider Athenaverse. It can be read as a standalone, but it still shares the same universe and situations you’ve found in other books. Each book features the romance of an alpha male alien warrior and a human woman who doesn’t put up with any nonsense, some characters from the wider Athenaverse, and a cute little many-eyed sidekick with lots of heart. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and HEA guaranteed. Sorta Seized By The Alien (Marauder Mates, #1)

meh okay at best

Honestly the characters were just surface details. The story wasn’t like anything extra special. Everything just happened to work out perfectly basically at every instance. Meh 218 THis story was just ok for me. I didn’t find it overly exciting or original. The chemistry between the MCs felt forced to me. It didn’t help that the hero has the least sexy name ever Gurtal. Gurtal goes off to rescue Xana who is basically a mail order bride. She’s trained her whole life on how to be the perfect wife and companion. She is not made for brutal living on a harsh and brutal prison planet which is where she ends up when she mistaken for another (wanted) woman. It didn’t seem to me Gurtal had much trouble locating her on an entire planet and even the few obstacles in their way didn’t seem too exciting or dangerous. His biggest problem is remembering where he parked his ship smh. Gurtal has a bad habit of verbally attacking when he’s uncomfortable and at times I wanted to throttle him. When Xana gives herself up in a bid to an enemy to save Gurtals life, suddenly Gurtal will do anything to get back his girl. Overall the story was ok, I just wasn’t blown away or sucked into their romance. 218 I couldn't really get into this and I don't know why. As a rescue goes it was okay but I never really had the alien vibe while reading. I am new to the aliens so maybe it's not a genre for me but nothing made me go wow or okay thats an unsual idea. It could have been a prison in the desert for all I cared. 218 This was a great story and was very entertaining. Once I started I could not put it down. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is sizzling hot. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a great love story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. 218 Xana is sent to the prison planet, Jurtik, when her cryo-pod destination is switched with a criminal. Gurtal, who is the guard for Zerberu, Xana’s intended, is sent on a mission to free Xana from the planet. Excitement, attacks and friendships occur on the planet and on the mission. Attempted sacrifices are also made to keep others alive. A guaranteed HEA after many mistakes are made.

I received this audio book for free and am giving my honest and voluntary review



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