Blind By Sophie Calle By Sophie Calle

Gorgeous, moving book of photography and story telling. I love this book, just having it in my presence, as well as flipping through it. I showed it to my stepmother and she started crying because she was so moved by it. 2330000588 It's a wonderful book and the delivery time was excellent. But it is a little mistreated in the lower left, it should be specified in the product description. 2330000588 Gave it as a gift to a blind person who commented that Braille was very hard to read as the dots were almost flat (erased in blind terms) 2330000588

Sophie Calle returns again here to the theme of autobiography and to the notion of the Other, revealing in all their difference and singularity those that have been blind since birth or who have gone blind following an accident. This publication offers readers a reflection on absence, on the loss of one sense and the compensation of another, on the notion of the visible and the invisible.

Blind By Sophie Calle