Something to Hide (Nancy Drew: Files, #41) By Carolyn Keene

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I’ve read many of the original Nancy Drew mysteries but this was my first time reading one in the Nancy Drew Files series! It was a fast paced and spooky fun read for Halloween, and I look forward to reading more in this series! Carolyn Keene Good, except for the part where it took Nancy a little too long to realize something that I knew right away. Carolyn Keene Ahhh the first Nancy Drew Files I've read since the 80s! Really great to revisit this series again. The gorgeous cover (by famed Sweet Valley High artist James Mathewuse) is much better than the book though 😅🎃

The culprit is pretty obvious and you know who it is before Nancy does. Of course there's a big showdown at the end though and even with her hands and ankles bound, Nancy beats him up LIKE THE TOTAL BAD ASS SHE IS. 💪

Wish it all could've been SPOOKIER though, à la the cover. The book does culminate in a Halloween costume party but like, Nancy doesn't wear that cool outfit on the cover....she's in a Scarecrow costume which admittedly would be pretty dumb as a cover shot. 😅

Howeverr, in the book Ned and Nancy go out to see their favorite band and she gets bonus points for her FABULOUS concert-going outfit...a leopard print minidress with matching stockings. RAWRR!!! 🐾 Carolyn Keene This one was excellent. I would give it 5 stars, but once again Nancy Drew has done something that caused me to downgrade the story.

I am convinced that Nancy is legally brain dead. Some of the things she does just doesn't make sense. She willingly goes outside with the baddie...alone. She had plans to tell this person that she was on to them, so she leaves a costume party with plenty of witnesses because she would like to reveal what she knows in private.

Wouldn't you WANT to out the baddie around as many people as possible?

As I said, Nancy is brain dead. She gets clunked over the head with a heavy object in nearly every book, and blacks out, so I am sure some damage has been done. Carolyn Keene Title: Something To Hide
Author: Carolyn Keene
Series: Nancy Drew Files, 41
Format: ebook
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Ned and some of his Emerson College classmates are running a marketing project at the local mall, and Nancy has been enlisted to help. But fun turns to trouble when samples of the test product--a complexion cream--are laced with poison, causing some serious reactions.


I don't know if it's because of the ghost writer for this part of the series or if it's being an adult now or something, but this was not enjoyable. It was painstakingly predictable, the characters were undeveloped and those that we know from previous books were almost strangers, (Chief McGinnis not knowing Ned, despite working with him before; Nancy having to explain who Bess is to Chief McGinnis; George barely being in the book despite the fact that she's in town, etc.) It felt like the ghost writer had never read the original series or the earlier books of this series, which you need to do in order to understand what you're writing.

Nancy Drew - Katherine McNamara
Ned Nickerson - Ansel Elgort
Bess Marvin - Abigail Breslin
George Fayne - Brianna Hildebrand
Chief McGinnis - Vincent D'Onofrio
Hannah - Mary Steenburgen
Marcia Grafton - Ellie Gall
Justin Dodd - Jacob Batalon
Heather Tompkins - Katherine Langford
Brad Chanin - Hart Denton Carolyn Keene

Ned and some of his Emerson College classmates are running a marketing project at the local mall, and Nancy has been enlisted to help. But fun turns to trouble when samples of the test product--a complexion cream--are laced with poison, causing some serious reactions. Something to Hide (Nancy Drew: Files, #41)


I read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys throughout my school and college days.
Nancy Drew is an amateur detective who solves crimes with occasional help from her best friends, Bess and George and, her boyfriend Ned. She also has occasional help from her father Carson Drew who runs a private law practice. From finding stolen goods to missing persons and solving mysterious happenings, Nancy is a force of nature.
Until I discovered that Carolyn Keene is a pen name for a whole bunch of ghostwriters, I used to feel confused about the slight differences in each character from books to book over the many series of Nancy Drew mysteries. I like the character of Nancy best in the original books written by Mildred Wirt Benson where Nancy is truly a character to root for – an independent and street smart girl with a penchant for trouble. Carolyn Keene 3 stars. A Halloween read which was fun. I liked the mystery even though I knew who it was immediately. This was still entertaining though. Carolyn Keene A couple of weeks ago I started to miss being a kid (not for the first time). I was feeling nostalgic about being a kid and the excitement of going to visit my grandparents and reading Nancy Drew books. Though I never read Nancy Drew books in their old house so I’m not sure why the two memories mushed together, but whatever. So I looked up the books and remembered this cover and that I liked it, probably because it takes place during Halloween and I love Halloween books. Now I wish I had saved all my Nancy Drew books from when I was a teen. I think they were all sold at garage sales darn it. Thank goodness for Amazon and the library. Carolyn Keene Nancy at work again Carolyn Keene Once I saw the cover I wish I had waited until Halloween to read it, but oh well. ILL waits for no one. Carolyn Keene