Some Lycan Hot / Naked Disclosure: Broken Heart Books 10 and 11 By Michele Bardsley


SOME LYCAN HOT Lycan prince Darrius discovers his former fiancee, the once High Priestess of the Moon Goddess Order, did not die in the fire that claimed their werewolf village more than seventy years ago. Now that he knows the truth, nothing can stop him from finding Alaya ... and he tracks her down to Broken Arrow, Oregon. What Darrius doesn't know is that Alaya made a bargain with Nemesis to save his life. The price? His love. If he ever sees her face again, he will die. NAKED DISCLOSURE When Aphrodite gets the love tingle for Adam Redmont and Victoria Hunton, she's determined to get these two lovebirds together. Adam and Torie are in fierce competition for the same business opportunities in Broken Arrow, so Aphrodite does a little goddess magic to send the two stubborn lovers to her newest brilliant venture: a sex club she opened in the barn of an old apple farm. An infatuated Adam agrees to meet his New Year's Eve mystery girl at the Cupid Club to explore the passionate possibilities, not knowing that she's really Torie, his supposed business nemesis. Yet, can a night spent in decadent pleasure make them see past their differences--and into the heart of love? Some Lycan Hot / Naked Disclosure: Broken Heart Books 10 and 11

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You can read this a stand alone or in sequence. I won this book, (Yay me!) and since I hadn't the first 10 I was worried. But luckily there was no need, as I had no problem following along. Do I wish I had read the first ten books. Sure, some of the characters were in this one, and they were an interesting set of um,.... individuals. So that would be 5 stars on the characters. What a group. Loved them all. I even, almost, kinda like, maybe felt sorry for some of the bad guys, gals.

As to plot or storyline. This was well written, kept me totally enthralled. You got it, that house did not get cleaned, till I finished. (no regrets on my part). A few good twists, that kept you guessing.

Did I mention the hot, yummy males shifters. Hmmm, maybe I was trying to keep them to myself. Strong, but likable female lead. This was an over great read, with lots of love and laughter mixed in. Lust, did I forget the lust. I'm sure I couldn't have forgotten the lust. Well there was plenty of panting, and sighing, licking....... You get the picture.

Now I need to either take a cold shower or find the next book, or in my case the first book in this series to read. But read it you should. 9781502467331 Extremely Disappointed

I really enjoy this series but I was extremely disappointed in this book . The story started out very well but then disassemble. Authors should not plagiarize themselves. The evil plot in this book is the same as in The Early Girl Gets The Blood Wolf another of Ms. Bardsley's short stories. Bardsley's books are fun to read and an original way of depicting life as a paranormal beings . So I am really disappointed in her tweeter this book is concerned. I also think badly of her publisher for printing this story. 9781502467331 These stories should be counted as short stories, with 110 pages total for two books (#10 and #11 in a series). Also, several typographical errors as well. Overall, not as good as Michele's full-length books. 9781502467331 Two novellas that spin off the Broken Heart series into a hopefully expanding, Broken Arrow locale.

Aphrodite is trying to right the wrongs of a curse imposed by Nemesis out of spite.

Some hot & heavy interludes pave the way for love and the curse is slowly being defeated but there is definitely room for some more romps between the residents of Broken Arrow.

Sadly, with being through CreateSpace, this is pretty messy with quite a few errors, but is well worth sticking it out for the short stories. 9781502467331