Slutty Housewives (Adult Picture Book) Volume 3 By David Matt

Have you ever imagine how slutty housewives can be? Have you fantasy to have hot intimacy with slutty housewives?

For this over 60 image volume, sexy down to earth houswwives give us more from their collection of miscellaneous body shots. No faces, but plenty of self-shots.

This series gives us a peek at those lovely mounds on our female companions that tantalize us during our working day. Housewives change their outfits every day and tease us with clinging garments and glimpses of cleavage. Wouldn't it be great to get a peek at the otherside of them beneath those outfits?

Each ebook features amateurs housewives around the world, and their most secret shot by themselves or by their secret partners. Although the photography may not be polished and professional, I hope you'll enjoy the sexy authenticity of these shoots. Slutty Housewives (Adult Picture Book) Volume 3


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